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Funny RPatz Article

Cause Rob Pattinson is here to stay! =D

8 Things That Are Bugging Me About Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson this, Robert Pattinson that. You can’t leave your house anymore without being assaulted by Robert Pattinson. The name haunts me worse than any tween vampire ever could. Robert Pattinson is all anyone cares about. He’s like Brangelina, only stronger, because there’s only one of him. That’s right. Robert Pattinson is a Hollywood Power Couple all by himself. Let me articulate what’s getting on my nerves about Robert Pattinson.

8 ) Nobody is this humble! This guy has to have an ego or he wouldn’t even be able to leave the house in the morning. Personally, I know people who work the graveyard shift at the local gas station and think they’re something special. Here’s a guy in one of the hottest movies around and he refuses to talk himself up.

7) He doesn’t have a girlfriend. He’s 22 and he’s not tied into a relationship. He doesn’t have a ball or a chain he has to answer to at the end of a long day of filming. What nerve.

6) He’s nice to fans. This guy is nice to his fans, a rare trait if ever there was one. I prefer surly, anti-social celebrities. They’re easier to hate on.

5) He’s had it too easy in Hollywood. Where’s all the “paying of dues” actors need to go through in order to become this famous? Pattinson just walked into Tinsel Town one day and they handed him the keys to the place.

4) He doesn’t get involved in unnecessary drama. He has no bitter custody case going on. He isn’t under arrest for DUI. Compared to Shia LaBeouf this cat is unnatural.

3) Girls love him just a bit too much. RPattz is to girls what spinach was to Popeye. Women go crazy at the sight of Big Rob.

2) He’s not going away any time soon. Right now Pattinson can do no wrong. Everybody wants him in their next movie so he can afford to be selective and choose whatever project he wants. We’ll all have to deal with him for years!

1) His new haircut. He’s supposed to have long vampire hair. Now he looks like a Young Republican.

I know some of you will say “You live in a Free World, if you choose to, you can ignore Robert Pattinson.” Uh, no I can’t. It’s not in the cards. Sure I’d love to be a Robert Pattinson hater, but it just doesn’t seem to be in the cards. So far the guy has managed to keep his overall image so positive, there aren’t any chinks in his armor.

So far.

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About Robert Pattinson Being Found When He Doesnt Want to BE!

So as we all may know Mr. Robert Pattinson is in London having his break from Twilight & Hollywood. He’s hiding out from the public eye and does not want to be found. We know we miss him but the man wants to be left alone for a while. Which brings me to my problem of fans sending their picture to Perez Hilton. I feel like those fans are selling out RPattz for their own 10 seconds of fame! I mean come on if the man wanted to be found he wouldn’t be in his home town laying low, HE WOULD BE BACK in L.A. And as far as all the commentary on his drinking at pubs is concerned, the dude is 22 years old he can do whatever he likes we don’t have the power to judge him or any celeb for that matter. We have to remember that celebs are people just like you and I, they just have a bit more luck and bit more money than us. So please if you are one of those lucky fans to see him in London, take a picture but don’t send it to Perez or anyone else!


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More New Moon Casting News: America vs. America

America Ferrera

America Ferrera .

America Young .
America Young .
Apparently America Ferrera or America Young, will be playing the role of Emily Young, Sam Uley’s fiancee. Only time will tell, we have to wait on Summit to confirm who’ll be the lucky lady.




 Add America Ferrera to the long list of actresses who are supposedly up for a role in the Twilight sequel New Moon.

Following in the footsteps of Vanessa Hudgens ( we KNOW she didn’t audition, just a rumor )  Dakota Fanning, the 24-year-old Ugly Betty actress has reportedly auditioned for the movie. Ferrera tried out for the part of Emily Young, fiancée to Sam Uley and second cousin to Leah Clearwater.

“I got to audition for New Moon today! For the role of Emily,” Crazy Days and Nights quotes the outspoken actress and snappy dresser as saying. “The casting director, you fans of the book will be glad to know, has read the books and loves them. And you can tell. His direction was spot on for the character. I loved the books. I would so love to be in the movie!!!”

Seems like a perfectly reasonable match. After all, Ferrera has had experience interacting with monstrous characters before.

Let us know in the poll: Do you think America Ferrera would make a good Emily Young?

And have your say in the comments section: If not America Ferrera, then who?


UPDATE: An astute reader notes that the America referred to in the original article is actress America Young (Dreamkiller, The Dead Undead), not America Ferrera. Whoops!

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New Moon Cast News: Who will be playing Jane?

John Shearer/WireImage

Dakota Fanning . | Photo: John Shearer/WireImage

The rumors are running wild around the casting of New Moon. First it was rummored that Vanessa Hudgens have auditioned for the part of Leah Clearwater. And now it is believed that Dakota Fanning may be up for the role of Jane. Personally I would not be surprised if she got the role, I can definitely picture her as Jane. Only time will tell who will fill the shoes of Jane and the rest of the New Moon vampires & werewolves.

According to reports, Dakota Fanning is currently in talks to play Jane, opposite Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, in the “Twilight” sequel “New Moon.”

“There were no auditions,” a source revealed to E! Online. (Reps for the actress could not be reached at press time.) “They just offered it to her outright, and now they’re in negotiations. They’ve been going back and forth.”

In the book, Jane is a vampire with dangerous mental powers who serves as a guard for the Italian sect known as the Volturi. In a casting notice that went out earlier this month, Jane is described as a “petite blonde with a … Botticelli angel-like face … [and] crimson irises,” E! reported. The notice also said that “fellow Volturi guards Demetri and Felix … are three times the size of her, [and] they are terrified of her.”

“Twilight” fans have already shown their support for the casting. A petition sent to Summit Entertainment, the studio producing the films, says the 14-year-old would be “perfect” as Jane.

“Dakota is a brilliant actress, fits the role perfectly, and she’s just the right age to play Jane,” reads the petition, which currently has 128 signatures. “We believe she would be the perfect addition and would really bring the character of Jane to life.”

The film is expected to start shooting soon, with an anticipated November release date. One of the big changes will be Chris Weitz replacing “Twilight” helmer Catherine Hardwicke as director. At the Sundance Film Festival last weekend, Kristen Stewart expressed her confidence in the new director.

“Chris — on top of him being a really sweet guy — is entirely devoted,” Stewart told MTV News. “And he’s very clearly not doing the movie just because it’s the next big thing. He really likes it a lot.” 

Another concern in Stewart’s mind over the past few weeks had been which actor would play the pivotal role of Jacob Black. But now that Taylor Lautner has been re-cast in the role, she’s convinced that they can make it work. “He’s really buff!” she exclaimed of Lautner, who’s packed on nearly 30 pounds of muscle so far to prepare for Jacob’s werewolf growth spurt. “He definitely is. It took him a lot of time.”

What do you think of the choice?


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Kristen Stewart At the Sundance Film Festival

Kristen Stewart and her "Adventureland" Castmates.

Kristen Stewart and her "Adventureland" Castmates.


This week Kristen ( January 15- 25th ) will be in attendance at the Sundance Film Festival. Stewart’s newest movie “Adventureland” is premiering there. The film will be showing at the following dates/times ( shown below ), so go out & support our lovely Kristen Stewart.

Mon. Jan 19 6:15 p.m. – ADVNL19CE Eccles Theatre, Park City
Tue. Jan 20 9:15 a.m. – ADVNL20CM Eccles Theatre, Park City
Wed. Jan 21 noon – ADVNL21SD Screening Room, Sundance Resort
Thu. Jan 22 6:30 p.m. – ADVNL22GE Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, SLC


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OMJ (Oh My Jacob )! Take a Look at Taylor . . .

Now, this is unfair . . . we’re definitely at the age that if we stare at Taylor too long, we’ll get put behind bars. This is for those of you willing to risk that. Enjoy! =D

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Cast Members Speak about ‘New Moon’

Not only are we excited about the upcoming movie New Moon, but so are the actors & actresses that are to star in it. Here are some of the things that they had to say about the upcoming script.

                                       Some words from Jackson . . .

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