Peter Facinelli the Twitter Sheriff

Peter Facinelli

On Wednesday 12th August 2009, @peterfacinelli said:


Ok. Sorry. Last tweet on this. I hate to play Twitter Sheriff, but feel the need to protect my castmates and the fans. Posing is misleading, and puts words into the mouths of my friends which may not truly represent who they are. It also may be very dangerous. Imagine the poser as some creepy old dude trying to talk to young girls.
So just so there is no more confusion. Here’s a list of everyone in the Twilight cast that has Twitter at this point.
I have already confirmed from the cast that Rob, Kristen, Nikki, Kellan, Ashley, and Jackson do not have Twitter at this time, although Jackson’s band 100 Monkeys does- see link below
If they ever get an account, I will be sure to let you guys know.
Here’s the link for everyone in the cast that DOES HAVE Twiiter.



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