More of the Eclipse Vampires Descend On Vancouver

It looks like true to the novel Eclipse, Jane and Demetri will be on hand to witness the aftermath of the battle with the newborn army.

Dakota Fanning was spotted shopping in Vancouver and Charlie Bewley, who plays Demetri, tweeted at approximately 3:00AM Vancouver time: “MORNING!! Doing a thruey to reset bodyclock for first night on Eclipse – going to be awesome FYeyes… Fire up x”

Twifans visited the set location of Wednesday’s/Thursday’s night/morning shoot, and from behind the established public barrier managed to snap a photo of Jack Hutson as Royce King II. Fabulous spotting on their end! I don’t know that many people would have realized straight off that it was Jack.

Speaking of Wednesday’s/Thursday’s night/morning shoot it must have been interesting, because the Vancouver Sun and Perez Hilton broadcast the location of the shoot on their respective blogs and websites—which later turned out to be dead wrong. We are wondering if that was a bit of brilliant studio manipulation, or just plain old getting a bad tip.

In the end, it was at a barn type place frequently used by various movies, TV shows, and commercials shot in Vancouver.Mandy explains in it her write up. According to Mandy that while there were certainly fans around and police were present for traffic safety and crowd control, the crowd stayed behind the barrier and was cooperative.

And lastly David Slade and the crew seem to be getting on great! David at 6:00am Tweeted that a photo he posted earlier was a trick pulled off by him and the crew. “Sorry the fish is fake, thrown by props dept, don’t tell national geographic.”
The Salmon jump high in Vancouver. Lucky shot. on Twitpic

EDITED: Interesting info in the comments on it being Kevin Zegers. Definitely running contrary to all media reports available at the time of posting. We figured it could be Royce when he’s “on the run” we figured that he might look a bit disheveled by then. We will check it out. Stay tuned!



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