Twilight Lexicon Interview with Mike Welch

Twilight Lexicon snagged an interview withThe Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse star Michael Welch while in attendance at the Official Twilight Convention stop in Chicago, Illinois.

Begun with a fairly entertaining backstory (the interview, that is), Welch really got down to the nitty gritty of the actor’s mentality.

Welch revealed his love of theater, stressing his interest in performing in theatrical plays each year, and he also exhibited humility and appreciation for his current circumstances as a thespian.

Welch also made sure to talk about his current series and how he regards the series and its fans.

We don’t get many of these sort of, you know, iconic cultural juggernauts very often. There’s been maybe a few, you know, four or five in this decade … Harry PotterSpiderManBatman I would certainly put there … and Twilight. It’s in … man, it astonishes me that I’m a part of this thing …

The fans are incredible. They’ve been incredible.

Finally, Welch also spoke very highly of his Twilight series co-stars – taking note of Anna Kendrick’s extreme talent, Justin Chon’s great personality, Christian Serratos’ kindness, and Kristen Stewart’s incredibly intriguing demeanor. Twilight Lexicon has the full video interview here, and it is a definite must-watch!



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