Billy Burke in ‘Highland Park’

Bella’s father is going from Team Jacob to Team Save the McGregor Library. Following his reprisal of the character Charlie Swan in this fall’s “Twilight,” sequel “New Moon,” actor Billy Burke will appear in a little, charitable filmtitled “Highland Park,” according to a report inVariety. Shooting is already underway in Michigan, with Danny Glover and Parker Posey starring.

The movie will tell a fictional story about a group of high school faculty members who help save their community library after a teacher (Glover) wins the lottery and uses his winnings for the building’s preservation. Although the feature won’t be based on a true story, the library in the film is a real one, and it actually does need saving. In fact, proceeds from ticket sales for “Highland Park” will be going to its real-life renovations.

Andrew Meieran, who co-wrote the script and is now producing and directing, comes from a career in real estate and is renowned for his work in preserving historic buildings. He’s also reportedly simultaneously making a documentary about the McGregor Library and Highland Park’s history.

Oddly enough, the fictional film does not sound as serious as you might think. Co-written by Christopher Keyser (TV’s “Party of Five”), “Highland Park” has been labeled a black comedy. And unlike the real mayor of Highland Park, who is supportive of the film and its cause, the film’s mayor (Posey) sounds like she’ll be the story’s villain, according to her casting announcement in The Hollywood Reporter last week.

Burke’s role is not detailed in the casting report, but I assume he’ll be playing one of Glover’s coworkers and fellow community activists. According to the actor’s Twitter, it seems to be significant enough that he’s been filming since the beginning of October until the 24th. At first, he was apparently going back and forth between “Highland Park” and final shooting for the third “Twilight” film, “Eclipse.”

Will any of you “Twilight” fans be following Billy Burke to this little movie about a library? Does it help that proceeds are going to the real-life renovation, especially if it’s one more place to store “Twilight” books?



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