Fanfiction Recommendation Friday!

( listens for applause )

Yes, yes, yes, I know, simmer down now. I know it’s too much excitment for you all to handle. Why the excitment you ask? Because it’s Fanfiction Recommendation Friday (FRF)!! Today’s recommendation comes to you from my need for some angst in my life. I haven’t read and angsty fic since I finished AngstGodess’s Wide Awake; if you haven’t read that you must be on crack. It’s the best Bella/Edward human fic there is.  Anywho, let me get back on track; today’s recommendation is just as new to me as it is to you. I recently began reading it and I’m only on chapter 14 so far, but it’s worth the read. So I introduce to you . . .

Title: Keeping Afloat

Author: Jasper-Alice.FAN

Featuring: Jasper & Bella

Story Type: Rated: M – English – Romance/Hurt/Comfort

Status: In Progress

Summary: Alice has left him. Edward has died. Leaving behind 2 broken souls, but how will Jasper and Bella cope? Not very well. Some Lemons

*lemons – sexy times 

Reason I read & recommend it: Okay, so as I stated before I wanted some angst in my reading life and I was scouring the ever realiable FFn and stumbled across a few promising fics and adding them to my already booty long list of fics that I read; I settled on reading Keeping Afloat . When I saw that it involved my favorite Texan, Jasper, I was sold. Once I began reading the amount of angst kind of just slaps you in the face. I actually found myself gripping my chest when reading Jasper’s POV. It’s so painful, between cheating drama and family issues, this story is not one for the weak in heart ( like myself ) LOL . I found myself tearing up alot and I hadn’t even read that far.

Jasper-Alice.FAN does an amazing job writing penning the emotions of each character, you feel as if you’re in the room watching it all happen. It’s amazing. I think her story deserves more comments and credit than it’s given. So go READ all you Team Jasperers. LOL.

Let me know what you think of this fic, comments are always appreciated.


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