Kristen Stewart in Seventeen Magazine

Another day, another Kristen Stewart magazine cover. Joining this month’s Allure and last month’s Interview is the issue of Seventeen out on stands Oct. 20, where the 19-year-old talks about what drew her to Bella, her low expectations for “Twilight” and who shouldn’t watch“Eclipse.”

Millions of readers have fallen in love with Stephenie Meyer’s clumsy, introverted heroine Bella Swan (not to mention her brooding vampire boyfriend, Edward), but it was Bella’s strength that lured Kristen to the role. “I think it was the fact that she could hold her own against Edward, because it’s a strange dynamic that they have,” Kristen told Seventeen. “I think people relate to her just because she’s got conviction.”

And as the story now infamously goes, what seemingly began as an under-the-radar indie flick has become a pop-culture phenomenon, and no one was more surprised than Kristen. “It started out just like any other job I’ve ever done,” she said. ” I don’t like to get excited about something until I’ve gotten to live through it.”

Now that she’s lived through it, and the resulting paparazzi firestorm and tabloid frenzy, is she happy she took the star-making role? “I’m glad to be a part of something that’s actually bigger than me for once. The success of it is the coolest thing ever because I can’t tell you how much it hurts to do something that you feel like you can really learn from — and you feel is an important section of your life that you put everything into — and then nothing, it just never comes out. So the fact that we can share that, that’s why we do this. It’s the coolest thing.”

Kristen also said that come November 20 with the release of “NM,” audiences should have no lingering questions as to why her and Robert Pattinson’s star-crossed lovers just can’t quit each other. “If people don’t understand why Bella and Edward should be together by ‘New Moon’, then they shouldn’t get it,” she said.



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