Interview with Volturi Members!

Yeah, the title pretty much says it all. With The Twilight Saga: New Moon release date just around the corner, a bunch of supporting cast members from the movie are touring Australia for a series of Twilight conventions. With one being held in Brisbane today, I had the opportunity to catch up with three lads from the Volturi who, as I’m sure all you Twihards know, play a significant role in the remaining films. Because I’m awesome and love you muchly, I have posted the full interview transcript below so you can marvel at the all-round niceness of Charlie Bewley, Cameron Bright and Christopher Heyerdahl who play integral members in the vampire equivalent of the royal family.

(Above: Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus)

First up let me give you a bit of background info on the actors; Christopher is a veteran Canadian actor who has had a career spanning more than 24-years including roles in Stragate: Atlantis, Supernatural and Smallville. His latest role sees him as Marcus, one of the three most powerful leading members of the Volturi alongside Aro and Causis. He has the ability to sense relationships, and the ties that bind people together.

(Above: Charlie Bewley is Demetri)

Next is Londoner Charlie Bewley, who has literally been plucked from obscurity for the role of Demetri, another powerful member of the Volturi who is a “tracker”. For his first acting job, 28-year-old Bewley has moved to Canada where he will shoot the remaining two films in the saga.

(Above: Cameron Bright as Alec)

Finally, we have my tip as `one to watch’, 16-year-old Canadian actor Cameron Bright. Look familiar? That’s because he has already had several major film roles, including that particularly creepy part as a 10-year-old boy who claims to be a reincarnation of deceased dude in Birth. Yeah, he’s THAT kid who shared a bath with Nicole Kidman. He has also starred in Godsend, Thank You For Smoking and X-Men: The Last Stand. In The Twilight Saga: New Moon Bright plays Alec, the twin brother to Dakota Fanning’s character Jane, and has the ability to cloud senses, rendering the opponent blind.

Great, well, now that you have a bit of background on all the actors, I hope you enjoy the interview. I certainly had a blast chatting to the fella’s as they really are a ridiculously nice bunch. As well as shedding some insight as to why they think Twilight is such a phenomenon, they also dished some juicy details on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse which is currently shooting and what director David Slade is bringing to the third film. Oh, and they love my neck of the woods so extra brownie-points for them. Enjoy.

Movie Mazzupial: Hi everyone, it’s great to have a talk to you all. Sorry I sound a little bit like a transvestite, I unfortunately lost my voice this morning.

Charlie: (Laughs) A transvestite?

MM: Yes, I’m sounding a little masculine so you will just have to-

Christopher: – wait, are you woman?

Cameron: A woman or man?

MM: No, I’m a woman. You don’t find too many men called Maria

Christopher: Well, I have a few friends called Maria but that’s alright love, I’m just teasing you.

MM: (Laughs) Okay, to start off is this everyone’s first time in Australia:

Christopher: First time being interviewed by a transvestite.

MM: Well, I’d be a little concerned if it was your second, but sure.

Christopher: (Laughs).

Charlie: My third or fourth.

Cameron: It’s my first time being here.

MM: How are you all finding Brisbane so far?

Christopher: Magnificent, everyone’s being incredibly friendly and it sounds like such a cliché, but it’s true. Nothing has been a problem, everyone’s been generous, its been grande. Gorgeous

MM: That’s great to hear, I’m glad everything has been going well so far. So how has the tour been going, I understand you’ve been to a few spots in Australia already?

Charlie: Yeah, we went to the zoo today, held some snakes, patted an elephant-

Cameron: -saw a bunch of creepy stuff.

Charlie: (To Cameron) Didn’t you get pooed on by a koala?

Cameron: (Laughs) No, yeah (laughs).

Charlie: We went back to the living.

Cameron: (Laughs)

MM: So, what have the fan reactions been like at some of the other conventions that you’ve done?

Cameron: So far I haven’t done, like, a Twilight specific convention. I’ve done some autograph signings with Chris and Alex Meraz in Chicago, I think three or four months ago. For the movie not being out yet I wasn’t thinking much of it. But the turn out was amazing. For me not being in . . .for the movie not even coming out yet I was totally blown away and it really wasn’t anything I expected, in a good way, not in a bad way. So I’m just waiting and anticipating the next one to see what’s going to happen.

MM: Great. So you three are all Volturi, what’s it like being the badasses of the Twilight vampire world?

Charlie: It’s good, we really are. It’s cool because we have immense power, we float around, we mess with your minds, we cause you pain if you disobey the rules which we lay down.

Christopher: And I keep them all under control (laughs).

MM: Well, that’s good to hear someone’s doing it.

Christopher: They’re really difficult these young lads.

MM: (Laughs) What was it like making the film, especially with so much hype and expectation surrounding it?

Christopher: It was great fun, that’s the wonderful thing about being inside a studio. Certainly the majority of the Volturi scenes for New Moon were done inside a studio and in there you enter a cloistered, inner-sanctum where we’re protected on all sides. So all the pandemonium that happens outside bounces off this protective wall of the studio, so it was really easy to just do the work. But as soon as we left the studio and went outside to restaurants or hotels, what have you, the pandemonium was definitely there.

MM: What were some of the difficulties playing the role? I mean, all of your characters are essentially pretty evil, was that too hard to get into?

Charlie: I don’t know, it was fairly hard. The biggest trouble I found with my character was just his complete desire to want to let it rip, you know? You are bestowed with these powers of speed and strength and, you know, Demetri has a talent for tracking as well. I found I had to contain myself during the scenes and not just completely defy the script, whip around and go round ripping people’s heads off.

Christopher: (Laughs) I had no idea that was going on in your head, that’s amazing. You scare me now (laughs).

MM: Since all three of you are pretty involved in the movie, what’s it like being part of arguable the biggest movie phenomenon at the moment?

Cameron: Amazing. Right now, from my point of view, it’s one of those rollercoaster’s I was lucky enough to get onboard and I just have to take it for a ride, you know.

MM: How do you explain the frenzy that Twilight creates among fans?

Christopher: I think the main thing of the frenzy for these fans is it’s a literary frenzy. So many thing are based on a visual, film-like element, and being able to see things go down, whereas this is purely based on millions of people’s individual imaginations. When people read the book it becomes their own, it’s their own imagination that brings it to life. Stephenie’s been able to tap into the psyches’ of countless millions and everyone feels that it is their personal story. The passion for that kind of literary imagination is amazing, so that’s what separates it from so many other film phenomena.

MM: Right, well on that note then; how do you think audiences are going to react to the New Moon film?

Charlie: I think it differs from Twilight for a few different reasons. But I think the main reason is this film you can take your whole family to watch and everyone is going to take something out of it. Whereas the first film was a bit of an emotional play between three characters, this one has a lot of action. Chris Weitz is an excellent CGI expert and is obviously very good at directing high-action movies like in the past. This one is, like I said, you can take anyone to this one, it’s got something for everyone. The stakes are up, which is different from the first one as well so it’s going to be an exciting film.

Cameron: Yeah, for this one another part of it that’s really good for people is the last one was really about those three main people, Bella, Edward and Jacob. And now you’re getting so much more. You’re getting the wolf pack introduced, us, the Volturi, introduced and there’s just a lot more elements to it to make it a deeper story.

MM: Eclipse is currently shooting at the moment, what can you tell us about the next installment?

Charlie: I think Eclipse is a darker film, David Slade is a master of mood in a film. He’s done a couple of big, big Hollywood films which have gone down very well, especially that vampire one 30 Days Of Night.

MM: Yeah, that’s one of my favorites’.

Charlie: And there’s Hard Candy which is brutal, it’s a fantastic film. I think it’s going to be a very brutal film with a lot of fighting and it’s really going to capture the whole viciousness of what a vampire is.

MM: Finally, how are you guys enjoying Brisbane and are you looking forward to the convention? I understand there’s quite a few people heading up there for it.

Christopher: Brisbane is a gorgeous city, it’s amazing to walk off the plane and smell the smells and see the sites. The people are incredibly friendly and we even went down for a wonderful walk by the river and a swim in the pool down there. It’s absolutely gorgeous, never-ending beauty.

MM: Are you excited about the convention tomorrow?

Christopher: Absolutely, that’s why we’re here.

Cameron: Yeah.

Charlie: It’s going to be fantastic.

MM: Great, well you guys will have to come down to the Gold Coast next time you’re around.

Charlie: I’d love to, my friend actually writes for a surf mag on the Gold Coast. I think it’s Surfing Life .com or something.

MM: Ooo, Surfing Life is, like, the pinnacle of surfing mags so that’s impressive.

Charlie: If you ever bump into him at a bar say `hi’.

MM: (Laughs) Ok, well, I’ll keep an eye out.

All: (Laughs).

MM: Thanks a lot for the chat, I appreciate it and have fun in Australia.

Christopher: Thanks Maria, it was great talking to you.

Charlie: Thanks, see you.

Cameron: Bye.

There’s another Twilight Tour convention on in Sydney tomorrow, and cast members will be taking questions at the Armageddon Expo in Melbourne next weekend. For more details check out the website here.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon is out November 19.



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