Eclipse Filming In Its Final Week?

It has been reported through several sources that Eclipse is now in its final week of filming. Hardly seems possible! But according to Eclipse Vampire Peter Facinelli (aka Carlisle Cullen) it is true –

PFach 1PFach2

Lainey Gossip also reports that Eclipse is filming its last week in Vancouver. She also thinks, and reports, that the Twilight Saga Franchise is done with Vancouver. If/whenBreaking Dawn is officially announced, they will not return to Vancouver. And will likely go back to Portland Oregon (where Twilight was filmed) –

Peter Facinelli and Kellan Lutz arrived back in Vancouver early Sunday to finish off filming for Twilight Eclipse in Vancouver, now entering the final days of production and, more and more, approaching what’s looking like a permanent farewell to Canada’s West Coast.

As previously reported, British Columbia’s current tax credit scheme is much less attractive than other cities, specifically Portland, which desperately wants theTwilight Saga back for the final installment. Vancouver crew members who worked on both New Moon and Eclipse have been told they are free to find other work, and have not been held for future engagement.

Lainey also has new pictures of Eclipse actors Kristen Stewart, Kellan Lutz, and Peter Facinelli arriving back in Vancouver.You can check them out after the break, if you want, but I warn you they do not look happy! Like at all. Can you blame them really? Even PFach is going all WA on us with his Hood Up, Head Down.



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