Twilight Saga Predictions

It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to predict some healthy box office returns for the upcoming Twilight movies, New Moon and Eclipse. Though as the films (and books) gain in popularity, so do the amount of people who want in on some of that action. Enter: Glynis McCants, a numerologist who believes that by adding up the numbers in the movie’s release dates, she can expertly predict good things in the near Twilight future. 

According to McCants, when the original Twilight hit theaters last year on November 21, 2008, because the numbers ultimately added up to a 6, that meant the film was magnetic and we were all drawn to it without having a choice in the matter. McCants goes on to reveal the same sort of good vibes for the release dates of both New Moon and Eclipse, and even notes that Summit Entertainment may have picked these dates for a reason … because they knew they’d have success … because the numbers all added up to a 6. Or because they knew every other Hollywood film would steer clear of the mega vampire box office killer since they’d be up against a powerhouse.

So what do you think? Is Summit Entertainment in cahoots with the number gods, choosing release dates simply because the numbers add up to good things? Or is this chick just completely out of her mind. Watch the video after the jump and let us know …



This is some interesting stuff but I mean I’m sure the marketing team over at Summit probably already knew this. SHOCK I KNOW!


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