FEARnet’s Top 10 ‘Twilight Saga’ Horror Stars

Cameron Bright in Godsend
Before joining the casts of New Moon and Eclipse as the psychic Volturi vampire Alec, Cameron Bright caught our eye with his unique specialty: playing creepy kids. Although Bright also starred opposite Milla Jovovich in the futuristic vampire flick Ultraviolet, his creepiest role to date came inGodsend as a cloned 8-year-old who begins to exhibit psychotic behavior toward his own parents (Greg Kinnear and Rebecca Romijn).

Billy Burke in Komodo
Long before appearing in Wes Craven’s telefilm Don’t Look Down and hunting a serial killer with Diane Lane in Untraceable, Billy Burke – otherwise known as Bella’s dad, Charlie Swan – tracked killer lizards in this direct-to-video creature feature.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Peter Facinelli in Hollow Man II/Supernova
The charismatic Peter Facinelli preceded his turn as Twilight‘s Carlisle Cullen with a few juicy turns in horror flicks. In Supernova, a film so mangled by its studio that director Walter Hill removed his name from the project, The Fach bared his butt as a hunky space stud gone amok on a rescue ship. A few years later in the sequel Hollow Man 2, he fought the invisible, evil Christian Slater and the feds as a devoted police detective.

Jackson Rathbone in S. Darko

As the newly vegetarian vampire Jasper Hale, Jackson Rathbone is the guy who, unfortunately, looks constipated throughout Twilight. But in the unofficial Donnie Darko sequel S. Darko, Rathbone lightens things up as Jeremy, a science nerd with a cute-bordering-on-creepy crush on Samantha Darko. Even better than seeing Rathbone geek out over a mysterious meteorite? Watching him head-butt that dude from Gossip Girl!

Kellan Lutz in Prom Night
The same year he appeared in Twilight as Edward’s handsome and hunky vampire brother Emmett Cullen, Kellan Lutz played the role of Rick in the 2008 remake Prom Night. Looking good as the token high school douche bag, Lutz managed a feat that many of his cast mates could not: he actually stayed alive.

Edi Gathegi in My Bloody Valentine 3D
In Twilight and the upcoming New Moon, Edi Gathegi preys on innocent humans as the nomadic vampire Laurent. But between Twilight films, Gathegi turned the tables in the 3D slasher remake My Bloody Valentine 3D as a sheriff’s deputy investigating a supernatural killer.


Michael Welch in All the Boys Love Mandy Lane
Michael Welch (AKA Twilight‘s Mike Newton) nabbed a key role fleeing from zombies in the direct-to-DVD remake Day of the Dead, but our favorite of his horror appearances has yet to debut stateside. In All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, Welch plays a Texas teenager who – like everyone else – has a dangerous thing for the girl everyone wants (Amber Heard). After being shuffled around by The Weinstein Co. and Senator Films, Mandy Lane has only been released (theatrically and on DVD) overseas, but keep an eye out and your fingers crossed that it gets an eventual U.S. release.

Dakota Fanning in Hide and Seek
There’s always been something eerie about Dakota Fanning; at times she’s like a grown-up in a kid’s body. In Hide and Seek, there was definitely something amiss in the house little Emily (Fanning) shared with her father (Robert de Niro), and that something was Charlie, an imaginary friend who kept offing the people in Emily’s life. In New Moon, the 15-year-old Dakota’s graduates to vampire life as the sadistic Volturi warrior, Jane, who amuses herself by using her powers on poor, defenseless vampires like – gasp! – Edward Cullen!

Michael Sheen in Underworld
Oh, the irony — New Moon‘s vampire leader Aro was once a werewolf! Our favorite Michael Sheen role came in the Underworld films, where he played the werewolf and former slave, Lucien. Whether romancing vampiress Sonja in the olden days or leading his Lycan army against high-tech 20th century Death Dealers, Lucien made a name for himself in the war between races and more importantly, kept that mane of long, luscious hair intact. Guess Aro took a note or two from Lucien, eh?

Kristen Stewart in The Messengers
During her transition from kid actor (Panic RoomZathura) to Twilight celebrity, Kristen Stewart starred as a delinquent teenager haunted by ghostly goings-on in her new house in the Pang brothers’ farm-set horror film, The Messengers. Like Bella Swan, Stewart’s Jess Solomon is the new kid in town with a rocky relationship with her parents who meets some freaky supernatural beings in her new digs…all we know is we’d rather be haunted by Edward Cullen any day over some vengeful, creepy ghosts.

BONUS: Robert Pattinson in The Haunted Airman
We couldn’t leave off without mentioning RPattz’s one and only foray into the realm of spooks and spiders and creepy crawlies, could we? In this 2006 BBC film, Pattinson plays a wheelchair-bound WWII pilot who descends into madness while recuperating after the war. Released for the first time in the U.S. this month, The Haunted Airman is a must-see for you hardcore Pattinson fans, and one of the most demanding and sophisticated performances we think he’s given.



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