Chaske Spencer Subs for Kellan Lutz At Peoria Rivermen Appearance

Hockey fans were nearly left twisting in the breeze when Twilight star,Kellan Lutz, was unable to attend an appearance at the Peoria Rivermen game on Saturday in Carver Arena.

Luckily for attendees of the AHL game, New Moon star and member of the wolf pack, Chaske Spencer, was able to step in for meet-and-greet duties. Lutz was reportedly busy filming the third Twilight sequel,Eclipse, up in Vancouver, British Columbia.

However, Kellan plans to make up for his absence by showing up to a different game later in the season, entry for which will be free to fans who hold onto their ticket stubs for Saturday’s game.

Chief Operating Officer for the Rivermen explains, “Whether you are a hockey fan or a Twilight movie fan, if you buy a ticket for Saturday’s game you end up seeing two games, two actors, for one price.” Sounds like a good deal, if you ask me.



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