Dakota Fanning Has ‘More Fun’ Being the Bad Girl

From child star to vicious bloodsucker — Dakota Fanning has transformed into the baddest newbie in “New Moon” and she loved every second of it.

dakota fanning new moon


“I think it’s more fun to play a bad person than a good person,” Dakota admits of her character Jane, a member of the evil Volturi vampire clan. “She almost blows your mind how evil she is.”

Fanning, 15, wore red contacts and white powder in the film. “I thought I was pale before I did the movie, but I realized that I’m not!” Dakota jokes.

See the official photos of the Volturi

Like Dakota, vampire Robert Pattinson kept his skin fair for the shooting of the movie — and tells “Extra” he thinks it’s funny that his pale disposition, once considered sickly, makes girls swoon. “It’s funny. People were like, ‘He looks like a junkie.’ And now, ‘Oh, he’s so good looking!'”

Check out shirtless photos of Rob from the set of “New Moon”

Rob, 23, still isn’t completely comfortable with life in the spotlight. “I get nervous about everything. I get nervous about leaving the house!” Anonymity for the rising star is no longer an option. “Now I know it’s too late to change my name. I really wanted to change my name to have a stage name. Now if I change it, I just look really lame.”

Taylor Lautner can relate to Rob’s feeling about fame. “Oh man, it’s so embarrassing,” he tells “Extra,” laughing.

Check out “Extra’s” Twilight page for up-to-date information about the film and its stars!




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