Exclusive with Eclipse’s Julia Jones: “How Twilight Changed My Life”

Leah Clearwater’s Julia Jones opens up on how the Twilight craze has affected every part of her life.

World, meet Julia Jones. Julia is one of the most sought-after new additions to the Twilight cast, having just wrapped filming for Eclipse. Jones plays the complex role of Leah Clearwater, the scorned and lonely female in the La Push werewolf pack.

A 28-year-old, Ivy-educated Boston native, Julia Jones spoke exclusively with LimeLife upon returning to Los Angeles from the Eclipse sets in Vancouver. Here we kick off a highly-coveted two-week series where she shares the shocking story behind landing the part of Leah, the ways your life transforms when you’ve starred in the biggest film franchise in the world, and the inside truth about Twilightcast relationships.

Twilight and LimeLife fans, get in…

LimeLife: Julia, we can only imagine how having a part in the Twilight film franchise could change an actor’s path, both professionally and personally. Is that true?

Julia Jones: I joke it’s like the answer to the question, “How has Twilight changed your life?” and I like to say that, well, I wear a lot more plaid now and I listen to much better music…because it’s very true! But just the opportunities that come after being involved in a project like this – there are many more of them, and they’re great ones also. So that’s the biggest way.

LimeLife: Are you able to talk about some of the opportunities that are now in the works for you?

Julia Jones: Actually I can’t quite talk about it yet…

LimeLife: Fair enough.

Julia Jones: But I think it’s pretty remarkable because I don’t think I’m a better actress this week than I was a month ago. But when you walk into a room with Twilight on your resume, all of a sudden the people who were looking at your skeptically a month ago are now looking at you are looking at you like, Please be good, we want to cast you. (Laughs.) It’s completelydifferent.

LimeLife: But it probably gives you a little more confidence and authority when you walk into an audition, right?

Julia Jones: Yes. In some ways for sure. I think in terms of being more relaxed and comfortable – especially if it’s a role I’m really going for, I kind of commit to a point that makes me appear really confident and aggressive and assertive. But deep down I’m like, Oh my god!

LimeLife: Have you read the Twilight books at this point?

Julia Jones: I read the books when I got cast. I read them all in two weeks, I think partly because it was a place to put my head! (Laughs.) There was so much going on around me and I just wanted to sort of check out, so I just got lost in these books. It was great.

LimeLife: That’s where all your energy was, huh?

Julia Jones: Yeah. This was a really big leap for my career. It wasn’t like I’ve had other franchises in my past or other big blockbusters at all. This was a really big leap, so it could feel so overwhelming sometimes in the very beginning and just to have a place to put my head that was grounded, and something that I had control over…it was a release. By reading the books I felt like I was doing something that would help me do my job, and that was a relaxing feeling.

LimeLife: Have you been affected yet by any of the Twilight craze? Are you being followed, or has your private life been affected at all?

Julia Jones: Being in Vancouver affected me every day because you’re sort of in the middle of it while you’re there. But since I’ve been back in Los Angeles, I’ve just been busier. It hasn’t affected my personal life so much. My friends fortunately have just been amazing. I’ve heard stories of people who’ve said, “Everybody around me is changing,” and all of that, and I haven’t experienced any of that whatsoever, my friends have just been so supportive.

I’m incredibly grateful. My best friends for the most part are my best friends from high school and not one of them is in the entertainment industry and they’re just like, “She got a really good job.” Which is exactly what it should be – it’s a really good job.

LimeLife: Tell us one more thing you want Twilight fans to know about you.

Julia Jones: (laughs) “Is there anything you want to say to the universe? That’s like remotelyinteresting?” I guess when I really think about the place that I am right now in my life, it just amazes me how fast things change. I’ve been working in this industry for so long, and all of a sudden, it just starts paying back, it’s like the lottery. It’s kind of a numbers game. I’m really glad I stuck with it.

Check back with LimeLife next week for Part 3 of our interview with Julia Jones where she reveals what we’ve all been waiting for…the behind-the-scenes scoop on filmingEclipse (it’s juicy)!

And if you didn’t read Part 1 of our chat with Julia where describes how she landed the part of Leah, catch up here.




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