‘New Moon’ Actor Michael Sheen Has Played Both Vampire & WerNewolf, But Which Side Is He On?

We were all stunned when we got a chance to see Michael Sheen (finally!) in character as Aro. The new “New Moon”TV spot featuring the Volturi gave us a chance to see the bad vamps in action.

But Michael is one of the few actors around (the only one I can think of offhand) who has had the opportunity to play both a vampire and a werewolf. Anyone looking to see a darker modern take on vampire mythology should check out the “Underworld” series, in which Michael plays the werewolf, Lucian.

When we got a chance to talk with “New Moon” directorChris Weitz, we asked him what side Michael would fall on in the battle between the supernatural creatures: vampire or werewolf?


“I would have to say vampire,” Chris said with little hesitation. “Just because it’s his seductive calm, let’s put it that way.”

“Underworld: Rise of the Lycans” hit theaters earlier this year, around the time “New Moon” was still filming. The close proximity of roles didn’t seem to throw off the Brit’s dedication to vampiric lore. When Michael approached the role, Chris said he looked at it from the perspective a 2000-year-old vampire would

“It may have been that he was just very method, but he arrived with this tremendous, ponderous but icy, calm — not a stitch of werewolf at all,” Chris said.

But when it comes to choosing a side, turns out Chris might not be the most reliable source after all.

“I tried to act as though he had never played a werewolf before because I sort of wanted this to be his virginal monster experience,” Chris admitted. “I was jealous someone had gotten to him first.”

I guess we’ll just have to wait to get that answer from its source.





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