Toys R Us / Hot Topic Boutique in Time Square

Screen hanging over the “boutique” – possibly to show scenes/trailer/etc?

Team Jacob shirt reads “It’s a wolf thing.” Team Edward reads, “…what would I do without you?”

Jacob & Bella’s dirtbikes – OFFICIAL bikes used in the film!

TONS of merch – new Volturi shirts (you can see Jane and Caius in this picture), dolls, fleece blankets, lunch boxes, etc.

For the ultimate Team Edward fan!

REAL Volturi chairs – OFFICIAL CHAIRS FROM THE SET! We were informed by an employee that they will be hung up above the “boutique” to keep customers and Twi-Hards alike from sitting on, touching, and potentially destroying them.

Cullen baseball hats = AWESOME!

The Alice shirt reads “I saw him going to the Volturi.” They also had Cullen crest and wolfpack tattoo baseball tees.

Alright, here’s the scoop we got from a Toys R Us employee who just so happened to be a total TwiHard herself (made it easier to pry information out of her!):

– This exclusive Hot Topic/New Moon “boutique” is not currently open to the public. It is believed to be opening this weekend, possibly as early as tomorrow. The Volturi chairs still need to be hung and they haven’t finished stocking the shelves and putting out all the merch (yes, there is MORE than what you see!).

– The dirtbikes and Volturi chairs are OFFICIAL from the New Moon set in Vancouver – they are inaccessible to the public. Basically, they are a “look don’t touch” type of deal. As mentioned above, the Volturi chairs will be hung up high out of reach of the public.

– This exclusive Hot Topic/New Moon “boutique” will run through December – which means you better get there ASAP!

– THERE IS NO NEW MOON EVENT PLANNED FOR THIS LOCATION. We spoke to not only our TwiHard employee friend, but about three or four other employees and no one even knew what we were talking about. Does this mean that an event will not be announced in the future? No! It means that Toys R Us is being sneaky. We all saw Times Square on the list – and then it magically disappeared. While it is completely possible that plans have changed, as they do, we’re thinking this will be a super top-secret event. Don’t worry – we are keeping on top of this for you!

Even without a cast event planned here, you need to go check this out. The entire “boutique” is about the size of a Hot Topic store itself – if Hot Topic ONLY sold Twilight/New Moon merch! It is basically your one-stop TwiHard shop.




WE HIT THE MOTHERLOAD OF TWI-STUFF. I may pay a visit to Time Square now!  God I love living in NYC- Di


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