LimeLife Interview with Julia Jones- Part 3

World, meet Julia Jones. Julia is one of the most sought-after new additions to the Twilight series, having just completed filming for Eclipse in the role of the lone female werewolf Leah Clearwater.

Jones, an Ivy-educated Boston native (and incredibly grounded 28-year-old) spoke exclusively with LimeLife upon just returning to Los Angeles from theEclipse sets in Vancouver. Here’s Week Two of our highly-coveted series where Julia Jones opens up about how paparazzi impact how the cast lives, what Twilight author Stephenie Meyer is like on-set, and the two superstars who made her feel right at home (!!!).

Twilight and LimeLife fans, get in…

LimeLife: Julia, can you tell us when you first showed up to work on Eclipse?

Julia Jones: Yes, I started working in mid-September.

LimeLife: What was your first impression of the set?

Julia Jones: I’m probably going to be very general [Twilight actors have contractual obligations not to reveal set details], but most of our locations were about an hour outside of Vancouver. So every morning, usually really early, you get in the car in the pitch black and you drive an hour out into the country. When you get there, I think every single one of the sets that I was on, they’re just these incredibly beautiful remote locations. Unfortunately the weather in Vancouver is rainy a lot of the time, but on the few days that it was beautiful, you just didn’t want to go back at the end. Just stunning locations.

LimeLife: What’s it like when you first show up, are you just supposed to walk up and introduce yourself to your co-stars, or what was that experience like for you?

Julia Jones: Fortunately the cast is incredibly welcoming and friendly. I showed up on-set a couple days before I started working for some makeup tests. I think the first person I saw was Kristen [Stewart] and then Taylor [Lautner] and they both just introduced themselves. It was really easy.

LimeLife: We love hearing that! So the general atmosphere is very agreeable?

Julia Jones: It’s fun, actually! There are a lot of actors and a lot of crew members [on the set] so it can be chaotic at times, but when you’re not filming, more often than not you’re actually on-set as opposed to in your trailer. A lot just because the nature of your locations – the distance between where our trailers were and where we were actually filming was substantial, so it would take some time to get back and forth. So in between, if you had a couple shots where they didn’t need you, it just made more sense to stay around [the set]. There’s just a ton of people hanging around and talking and having fun while the people were filming just a few yards away.

LimeLife: Were you able to enjoy any social time or relaxation time off-set, or was it mostly work and sleep?

Julia Jones: There was definitely some social stuff. They keep you busy. I remember thinking, “Oh my gosh, I have like five days off! I’ve got all this time!” And then you’ve got photo shoots [and various other activities]. But again it was really fun.

LimeLife: So tell us the truth about life in Vancouver. Did you really have a lot of followers?

Julia Jones: The reality is, when you’re not working, it was difficult to walk around Vancouver sometimes because there were a lot of paparazzi. So your options were either working, or staying in your room. (Laughs.) So I was really happy to work.

I think I’ve probably had it the easiest. I think my experience with that was one of the least burdensome ones of anybody in the cast because I was so new and hadn’t been in the previous movies. But at a certain point, I was hanging out with some of the other castmembers who’d been in Twilight and have New Moon coming out, and I realized how substantial that kind of attention can get. It’s definitely a price you pay.

LimeLife: That’s what we imagined. Did you get the chance to meet Stephenie Meyer at all?

Julia Jones: I did, I did! She’s incredibly cool, she’s just a very straightforward, very smart, dynamic person.

LimeLife: When will we start seeing you doing publicity for Eclipse?

Julia Jones: I’m planning on starting doing it in the beginning of next year. As it is, there’s a bunch of stuff that sort of comes up pretty regularly, starting from the week of the [film’s] announcement. But in terms of really putting myself out there and trying to promote the movie I’m in, [it won’t be] until a bit before the movie comes out. Which I’m very excited for.

LimeLife: Well, you know, the rest of the world is excited with you!

Julia Jones: I know! I’m off for a few months and [the buzz] is just not gonna stop, it’s just…there’s so much excitement around this franchise.

LimeLife: And how do you feel about that now?

Julia Jones: I think pretty early on, I was just trying to wrap my head around the Twilightphenomenon. And I mentioned it to somebody, and they looked at me and they were like, “Twilight, you know it’s the hottest thing on the planet, don’t you?” (Laughs.) It’s pretty wild.

Want more Twilight inside scoop? Catch the first two installments of our interview with Julia Jones here.




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