Twilight Examiner Interviews Tinsel Korey

Tinsel Korey, who portrays Emily Young inThe Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, is one intelligent young woman. Korey took time out of her busy shooting schedule in Saskatoon, Canada (on the set of her psychological thriller film Stained) to talk about her work on the Twilight saga and more!

Q: So you’re filming Stained right now, is that right?

A: Yeah, that’s correct.

Q: Whats that movie about?

A: It’s sort of a psychological thriller. It goes through the life of this girl Isabelle, and she has schitzophrenia, and she has all these dimensions … and she has to get past this urge to kill people. So it’s sort of that journey and other stuff that goes on in her head, and I just have to get in her head, and it’s like a whole life cycle. It’s a really great psychological thriller that I’m working on, but it’s an intense topic for sure.

Q: How is that for you to do, I mean, to play this intense person?

A: It’s a lot of work. It’s very emotional, and as an actor I take my craft very seriously, so I try not to focus on that. So, it’s been really stressful, but performing so far has been amazing, so it’s worth putting yourself through that stress as long as you get to the final product.

Q: How did you get signed on to that project, and when did you start filming, last week?

A: No, we just finished our second week on camera, and my name got put forward by Bob and Wally who are the producers of Rabbit Fall which I shot last year. So they suggested … my name and my work, and [the director] was like ‘she’s perfect.’ And I was like ‘why did you pick me?’ cause I’m like I’ve never played a role like this, so she’s like ‘you have this thing that when you’re smiling everything looks fantastic, but when you’re not, you look like you could kill somebody.’ I’m like ‘okay, I think that’s a compliment.’

Q: Sounds like a backwards compliment, but still…

A: [Laughs]

Q: So I’m really interested in what you’ve been doing, kind of philanthropically. I mean, I’m really amazed at you’ve done with the Quileute Nation, and I’d just like to hear kind of looking back if you would do it again and if we could look forward to seeing you go back to Quileute Nation and teach the kids another time?

A: Yeah absolutely! I talk about it all the time about how I miss them because of how that journey … as much as they feel I gave them something, they gave me something. With their generosity for inviting me there, and I love and care about the kids so much. It’s not just about pushing acting. I wanna go back and make sure I can teach them to employ whatever aspirations that they have. It’s not just about acting, it’s about teaching them what they wanna do. I’m like ‘What do you guys wanna do?’ And they’re like ‘well I like to hang out with my friends,’ and I’m like ‘that’s great because you guys have this beautiful surf area.’ The kids figure out a way in order to make it a surf shop. I just give them some ideas. And they’re like ‘Oh that’s cool.’ It’s just a little bit of things that you don’t think about, like something’s that you like doing and you realize how to make that a career for yourself and still be happy. Some people feel like ‘Oh, I have to take a nine to five job,’ but it’s like no, you can do what you love and make it into a profession. So yeah, I definitely wanna go back there and just look at them and learn more about who are they are as a people. The whole reason I went to the Quileute Nation is that I wanted to know their thoughts about the whole Twilight thing. You know, to get their views on it, and also find out what I can do as an actress in the film to help their causes, and what they wanna say to the world. Definitely want to go back for sure.

Q: How do you feel about, I know your a musician and you’re an actress. Is there any weight to one profession or the other? I know you don’t classify them as professions, but an artistry, but do you prefer one over the other?

A: Not really. [Laughs] It’s a different aspect of my art. It depends on what I’m in the mood for. Sometimes, I just want to sing, and other times, you know whatever I feel that the film aspect needs. So, sometimes it’s a real juggling act between the acting and music because a lot of times I get ready to take that step into music, and I’m like ‘No, I’ve got a job;’ the music will have to wait on the back burner – which I don’t know. But I have so many great songs … I’m coming out with album, and I’m so looking forward to that, it’s really going to be a great opportunity…

Q: You think you could ever see yourself going on a tour, or playing your music on the road?

A: Yeah, absolutely! The reason I haven’t done a tour is because I don’t have a CD. I’ve come into the challenge where I’ve done a show, and fans are like ‘how can I buy your music?’ and I’m like ‘Well you can listen to it on MySpace.’ So, I’ve just gotta make sure everything’s ready to go before I do  a tour, but after that … when I can put acting on the side for maybe like two months and go do a sole tour …

Q: Have you set up with a record company or anything?

A: I don’t think you really need a record company nowadays. Especially with things like MySpace, and Facebook, and Twitter. You have more of a opportunity as an artist to get your music out there. And one thing you would need it for is distribution, but you can get your stuff on iTunes. So I don’t think it’s necessary to have a record label, and for me I’m a very conscious artist socially, so I’d have to find a record company that was willing to let me express my social views as well without it being sort of a marketing nightmare for them.

Q: Good for you.

A: Thanks!

Q: So, when does Stained wrap filming?

A: We finish next week.

Q: So do you start New Moon promotions then or …

A: Yeah pretty much, I just got word I get to go to the premiere so that’s exciting. Everyone was like ‘are you thinking about it?’ I’m like, right now I’m trying to stay focused on playing this really intense character so I can’t even focus on New Moon stuff right now because it’s just … you have to stay focused on what you’re doing at the moment. But I’m starting to think about it, and then I’ll be panicking figuring out what I’m going to wear to this massive premiere. So, yes, from that point I’ll be focusing on New Moon.

Q: I was just about to ask if you had picked out a dress yet.

A: No, I haven’t. I have ideas of a dress style that I would like .. looking at designers, and seeing if they’re willing to work with me, which I think is a really good opportunity. Hopefully they won’t turn me down!

Q: Definitely … So, how was filming for Eclipse?

A: It was different because the directors were very different. David Slade was really precise, like he’s a technical director … At least this is what I found. Chris Weitz, he focuses a lot on emotion I guess because he’s an actor himself. That was the difference between filming with the two of them, but it was great because I missed the boys. I missed Chaske and all of those, we all got along so well, it was great to just get back and see them. I think that’s the biggest story about being on the film.

Q:How is it when you guys get back together, I know you’re close, so how is it when you guys get back together for conventions? Is it kinda the same or different?

A: No, it’s exactly the same. I actually love the conventions, like the ones  in Australia… the best thing about it was, first of all, getting to meet the Volturi team. We are just pranksters, so Chaske and I got to meet the Volturi guys, and then it was just like non-stop pranks. The one time Charlie [Bewley] was on stage and while he was doing an interview, Chris Heyerdahl comes between the curtains and started tickling him. And then Cameron Bright and I were on the side holding these little packets of Vegemite which is this Australian food that they all love. And we just start whipping packets of Vegemite at him on stage. We did have a lot of fun, I don’t know .. You know how like when you have really good friends that you don’t have to talk eachother for months and then you see them again and you just sort of pick up? That’s our relationship.

Q: That’s awesome. So, I know that Breaking Dawn isn’t greenlit but would you come back for it?

A: Yeah, absolutely.

Q: What else can we look forward to from you in the future?

A: Well, the music. I mean, that’s like let me get it done. I know I keep saying it. Pretty much, I don’t even know what’s going to happen in the future. Even getting the opportunity to play inStained where, you know, she thought outside the box of casting with her vision for the role. Things like that are exciting for me. So, I’m hoping more roles will come up, but you can’t tell the future. I live my life day by day. I sort of follow that philosophy that I take whatever happens and raise it to the fullest because you’re never promised tomorrow.

Q: It’s a great attitude, and it’s obviously served you well. But you have to have some kind of dream role, or something that you would love to do?

A: I would love to play some kind of action star, like Angelina Jolie in Lara Croft. I had to shoot a gun once in a film called Wyvern, and it was the biggest stress relief ever. I don’t know what it was … It’s funny because I started off going *boom* … *boom* [slowly], and all of a sudden I got more comfortable like *bang bang bang* [quickly]. It just felt so liberating. Also, with me being an activist, like it’s just empowering to play strong female roles. That’s my goal and aspiration to play that kind of thing.

Q: That would be awesome. So, When you say activist, though, do you mean as feminist or environmentalist or …

A: Well, in essence, I’m sort of aware of a lot of native rights issues and then feminism as well.. I don’t want to say feminist. I don’t know, I think that word has gotten sort of a really bad title. It’s more like women empowerment. So, I find that a lot of my fanbase is like younger women, and I don’t feel like they have the role models out there right now. It’s all very over-sexualized idea of females, and I think females can be sexy and beautiful with just wearing a tank top and jeans.

Q: Absolutely.

A: You know? And I wanna push that sort of mentality forward where you don’t have to be half-naked in order to feel beautiful, or if you want a guy’s attention, you don’t have do that in order to get more attention from the guys. Your strength and your beauty come from energy within yourself not what you wear on the exterior. And that’s why I’m sort of a feminist … I’m pushing, female empowerment.

Q: Kind of reminds me of your character Emily in the Twilight series, do you find that at all?

A:Yeah, she’s a really really strong woman, and she has to be because she’s the one who has to take care of all of the boys. She has to like feed them and make sure they all follow the line. And she has to be strong for Sam … They say the real power lies in the female behind the man, so she has to be the strength for him and then for the boys as well and making sure that their secrets are kept safe all at the same time.




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