PFach With A Cup On His Head?

I love it when headlines write themselves. This is one of those mornings. You all know who Peter Facinelli is of course. Star of the ’90s high school comedy classic, “Can’t Hardly Wait.” Right? He’s also in some movie called “Twilight,” which I think has to do with vegetarians or vampires or forks or something like that. Who can tell these days? Sooooo… right. In today’s Daily TwitPic, the Cullen family patriarch poses for a photo with a cup strapped to his head. What appears to be a styrofoam cup. Not very green, Peter. I’m pretty certain this pic in some way comes from Peter’s time on the “Nurse Jackie” set, as he’s clearly wearing a lab coat and stethoscope. It’s true that Carlisle Cullen is a doctor too, but if this were an image from the “Eclipse” set, Facinelli’s face would be a whole lot paler. Anyway, hit the jump to see the “Can’t Hardly Wait” star looking very serious. With a cup strapped to his head.



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