NO ‘Bel Ami’ for Nicole Kidman

( announces in a headline today, “Pattinson, Kidman board Bel Ami for Protagonist,” and goes on to report, “In an intriguing star pairing, Twilight sensation Robert Pattinson is teaming with Nicole Kidman to star in Bel Ami, the film of Guy De Maupassant’s erotically charged story of ambition, power and seduction.”


The story was picked up EVERYWHERE, and reported as fact by numerous websites, including Perez Hilton.


So is it true?


Well, yes, it is based on a novel by Guy de Maupassant, and yes, Pattinson will play a cad.


What’s NOT true is that Kidman will star opposite Pattinson. While she did consider the project, the film’s timing didn’t work out. Kidman’s rep told Gossip Cop that “Bel Ami” is “categorically not happening for her.”




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