‘New Moon’ Stars Answer MORE Fan Questions

Some of these questions are repetitive, but I think a few are new. I know these are like the top questions that Larry Caroll enjoyed from these interviews. Check ’em out.

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Q: What is the one question that you hope you never get asked again in an interview?

Kellan: Do I wear boxers or briefs? I think it’s such a funny one, and there’s always someone and they’re usually older than 50 who asks that question.


Q: What is the last thing that you Googled?

Edi: What was the last thing that I Googled? [Laughs.] Kellan Lutz.

MTV: And what came up when you Googled Kellan Lutz?

Edi: Sexual white chocolate. [Laughs.] Onesies and M&M’s, that’s what came up. Bear Claws, Emmett Cullen I could keep going. What did I Google, in all seriousness? Indian restaurants, that’s what I Googled, because Rachelle [Lefevre] and I [were] planning to go to an Indian restaurant in Vancouver, so she asked me what kind of Indian restaurants I knew. I started Googling some that I wanted to potentially hit up [while we were shooting “New Moon”] for comparison.


Q: Are you ever tempted to go on a Web site and set the record straight?

Nikki: Well, I’ve joked with Kristen a few times about how tempted we are to defend ourselves. But there’s no point. For every one person who says something, you always hear about the squeaky wheel or the plane that crashes. There might be a person that is really mean, but [you hear about them, not] the million people that say really nice things. The people who say nice things don’t really necessarily need to spend 50 million hours on the computer, typing up all the nice things. So you don’t read those things, but they are definitely out there.

Q: What is the craziest thing you were dared to do, and then actually did?

Nikki: A year-and-a-half ago, right before we shot “Twilight,” a friend of mine said, You don’t know the value of money. And I was like, OK, well I grew up really poor and in fact I definitely know the value of money. Their argument was that I had never worked a minimum-wage job and I could in no way relate to a huge portion of the country. So, I moved out of my house about a year-and-a-half ago. I put everything I had up on Craigslist for free, and I moved to this little island called Kauai and worked in a clothing store. I didn’t answer the phone to any of my agents, and made $9 an hour.

MTV: Wow! Did any of the customers recognize you?

Nikki: In fact, someone came in one day and was like, You look like that girl from “Lords of Dogtown,” except shes a lot prettier than you. And I was like, That’s me! I had hair and makeup [people] then, sorry! People would drop their drinks [and I’d do the] mopping, I was carrying and lifting boxes, calling my mom like, I can’t do this! and she was like. “Well, the rest of us have done it!” I was like OK then, I can do it — but I just wanna go home! But I did it. And then I went and shot “Twilight.”


Q: Have you been able to meet Stephenie Meyer yet?

Jamie: Yes, she’s fantastic. She’s really lovely. I got to meet with her a couple of days before we started filming and spoke to her about the characters and stuff.

MTV: What kind of notes did she have for you?

Jamie: [We spoke about] this idea that [the Volturi] are fairly cultured and very civilized. They’ve been around for 2,000 years, and [Caius] has got this deep-rooted anger in him. That was about it. I mean, we literally just sat down. She didn’t give me any specific notes and such.



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