‘New Moon’ Overload!

Kimberley French/Summit Entertainment

Robert Pattinson, New Moon

Did you hear about Robert Pattinson‘s romance aversion? And what’s got Taylor Lautner‘s fur all in a bunch? Or how Kristen Stewart plans to keep a li’l R.Pattz in her life?

Over the weekend, the entire Twilight Saga: New Moon gang—wolfpack, Volturi and all—got together for an all-hands press day.

We had it covered from every angle, and here’s what went down:

R.Pattz admits the impossible. Like that he doesn’t know the first thing about romance. “I really haven’t done that many romantic things in my life.”

K.Stew is totally over it. All this gossip business, that is. Also, she admits her secret to identifying with Bella: “I am an immature girl.”

Taylor gets all tense—when you ask about that other Taylor. “What about us?” he said.

Dakota Fanning obsesses about baby names. And always has. “I have been planning the names of my children,” she said, “since I was four.”

The Wolf Pack boys plan to get matching tattoos. Also, their nipples get rock-hard. “We should have a cutting glass business,” one pack member revealed.

K.Stew wants R.Pattz again…as a costar! She tells us: “Yeah, we talk about it all the time.”

Hit the links for the whole stories—and our E! video interviews.



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