The Wolves Descend On Miami


Most recently, members of the Volturi, Daniel Cudmore and Charlie Bewley, took their vampire party on the road to New Jersey and now werewolves have descended on Twilight diehards in Miami. Starring in The Twilight Saga: New Moon as members of the Wolfpack, Alex Meraz and Kiowa Gordon headed over to the Dadeland mall to chat with over one thousand fans and sign autographs. The boys were rocking the casual, slightly rock and roll style that typifies the Wolfpack, dark jeans, T-shirts and just a little bit of leather. Of his impressive physique, Alex tells People magazine, “I just figured I should look like a fighter. Not overly Greek-god buff, but, like, scrappy. Just ripped and lean, kind of Bruce Lee-like.” But more importantly, who holds the title for being the most enthusiastic fans? Meraz claims, “Denver I gotta say is the most intense fans we’ve ever seen.” Did you hear that, rest of the country? Time to step up your game.

To see the rest of the pictures from this event go here.


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