Fanfiction Recommendation Friday!

So I’m definitely going to knock this off my list of things to do tonight before I get caught up in this new fic that I’m reading(which is so coincidently keeping me from writing my American Women’s Writers paper). Anywho, this story I’m bringing you tonight pretty much defines the word awesome; I swear that these fanfic authors need to be published authors. No lie.

Onto the highlight of the night . . .

Title: Just Like You

Author: Irenella Courmett

Featuring: Emmett & Bella

Story Type: Rated: M – English – Romance/Drama

Status: In Progress

Summary: Emmett is a carefree, fun guy with a trust fund. Bella is a young college student with a bright future. A one night stand has consequences they don’t expect or are prepared for.

*lemons – sexy times

Reason I read & recommend it: Dude, I didn’t even intend to read this story, but the title kept calling my name. Like I was curious about it . . . I couldn’t deny it, so I caved & I’m so glad that I did. I’ve been realizing that a lot lately; the stories/things I think I won’t like  . .  I LOVE. I really like Emmett’s character in the Twilight Saga, but this story has me SOLD. Like nothing can sway me now. LOL . Anywho, this story is freaking awesome & the author’s write it well (yes, there’s two authors that write under one pen name) . Anywho, Emmett’s character is so deep, his story is the opposite of predictable  and Bella is so much different from book Bella and that was all the compulsion I needed to have me locked in with this story. This is one of the stories I can say, I check my email for to see if its updated; I guess it’ll happen when I least expect it.

Alright enough with my rambling, off you go . . go read. Be sure to come back & let me know what you think of this week’s fic.


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