Rob Pattinson’s ‘Remember Me’ Details from Letters to Rob

Moon From Letters to Rob went to a screening of Remember Me and wrote a mini, somewhat spoiler free summary of what to expect next year when we see the movie. Read below for more details, and TRUST you will NOT be disappointed! Thanks Moon! ❤

*I’m anti-spoilers so if you want to be a Remember Me virgin in 2010 then go read LTTor an old LTR post today cause while I WILL NOT give it away, I’ll mention some stuff that you may not want to hear. So come back another day if you don’t want spoilers, trust me I TOTES understand!*

posterDear Rob,

Warn a girl next time she goes to see one of your movies and THAT happens!! And by “that” I mean about 800 things! For serious. Holy crap! If you’ve read the script than you know I’m referring to a couple things but mostly the ending. Can’t say I ever saw that one coming! There were a few obvious hints towards it but when a certain date showed up and the audience collectively gasped you could say I was shocked to say the least. I said out loud“ARE YOU SERIOUS?!”

So Remember when I said I had no clue what Remember Me was about? Well funny thing is after watching it we had to fill out a questionnaire and they asked us to summarize the movie and I really couldn’t tell you a simple one sentence answer. It was about a bunch of things but oh so good! Here are the highs and lows of those bunches of things…



  • Sitting behind Summit distribution dudes and Alexandra Patsavas and ladies from her Chop Shop crew (yes, I’m a nerd who knows what she looks like)

It’s not about a Zombie eating brains!

  • The spaghetti/shower scene. Yea, trust me in 2010 you’ll be saying MOON the spaghetti/shower scene was redonkulous, you were SO right about that one!
  • Big Brother Rob is pretty much to die for. The girl who plays his sister Caroline is a star waiting to happen
  • I said it on Twitter and I’ll say it again: “holy sex sceneS batman.” Um, wow. I think the men in the audience probably felt uncomfortable (or turned on) by the group moans and sighs all the women let out. I’ve also never been more glad Twilight doesn’t have sex scenes. THANK YOU JESUS you know my heart couldn’t handle that
  • Rob and his friends banter has some really great one liners and funny moments
  • Random American Pie/Chris Weitz shout out in the middle of the movie. I seriously said “CHRIS WEITZ!” outloud. I am whipped for him, after all

Yup, still hot

  • Yea, the fight scene was even hotter (in that weird, totally wrong way) than it was in that paparazzi video all those months ago
    • Rob gets an Executive Producer credit on the movie. He has good people working for him!


    Follow the cut for even more Remember Me goodness!


    not gay OR blind!

    • Being yelled at, wand-ed, evil eyed, and basically strip searched by 500lb men looking for cell phones. Welcome to 2009, EVERYONEhas a cell phone but that doesn’t mean they want to make a shitty video phone version of your movie! Um, thanks!
    • A rando girl getting in a fight with said 500lb security dude
    • Pierce Brosnon’s on again, off again, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t Brooklyn “accent”
    • Rob holds the guitar and never plays it. FAIL.
    • Suspect music choices, which made me think they were temps/placeholders and why Alex and crew were brought in, to hopefully kick the soundtrack into high gear

    black V neck NOT worn in the film

    • My pal Steph was banned from all future screenings put on by this suspect company. We got a good laugh out of that
    • A few oddball cuts and editing decisions. Hopefully it’s because they’re still working but a rando fade to black in the middle of the film was odd

    It was great seeing him play a character other than Edward! Tyler is definitely NOT Rob playing himself, though there were a few Robisms that made it endearing but I don’t think Rob is anywhere near as intense or ready to throw down like this character is. With a few more edits, fixing a few plot points and shining up the beginning and end, then droping in a killer soundtrack: this will be a really nice film. Sure in the end it’s probably not Oscar worthy but it’s definitely ladies night worthy! Take all your lady friends, your mom, your grandma and NOT your dad and enjoy the many faces of Rob! Intense Rob, Crazy Eyes Rob, Punching Rob, Romantical Rob, Brother Rob, Sexy times Rob, Bust-into- your-dads-board-meeting-and-tell-everyone-to-STFU Rob, yup they’re ALL there! Just don’t forget your tissues and designate your hand holding buddy before you go in. Emmeloowhoo and I may or may not have help hands and dried each others tears but that’s between us and the stadium seating.

    As for the details of those sex scenes that so many people have begged (yes you people begged like addicts!) for, I will be giving a graphic explanation and play by play including shadow puppets ;) around the campfire at Camp LTR/LTT this week at the NM premiere. Cold showers and hosing ‘em down optional.

    Spaghetti Rob is the new spaghetti cat,

    I read the review and I cant wait to see the movie. I am very excited to see Rob throw down and I’m super excited the Rob get some executive producer’s credit. GO ROB!


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