Charlie Bewley Interview with OK! UK

The star talks to us about playing Volturi vampire Demetri in The Twilight Saga

MOST actors find fame AFTER starring in a blockbuster movie.
But Charlie Bewley is already a household name, and he hasn’t even been on the big screen yet.

The gorgeous Brit won the role of vicious Volturi vampire Demetri in The Twilight Saga: New Moon – and despite the fact that it hasn’t been released yet, he’s already being chased by screaming fans.

NIKKI BARR sat down with the actor for an exclusive chat about dating fans, working with the biggest stars in the world and why he’s a bit of a Team Jacob fan…

Charlie, welcome back to Britain! How are you?



I’m good thanks, I only got back from Rome on Sunday night. There’s a lot happening. It’s getting to that time where there’s lots of publicity and promotion. It’s very exciting.

How was the Eclipse wrap party?

I was in Rome so I didn’t go. It was at the Aquarium in Vancouver and it looked like a lot of fun, but you know, they’re a boring lot that Twilight gang so I doubt much happened! [laughs]

So how did you get the role of Demetri?
I was working/studying in Vancouver at the time and I went in and did an audition for Demetri. The first audition went really well so I went for a second reading with Chris Weitz [director of New Moon]. 
I went in as the character – with the best representation of Demetri as I could and I did a lot of coaching and back-story preparation and I just nailed it! 
He [Chris] initially wanted me to read for Marcus and if I had gotten that role it would have been me, Jamie Campbell Bower [who plays Caius] and Michael Sheen [who plays Aro] at the top of the Volturi – which would have been this [insane] British empire!

But I wanted to play Demetri, I didn’t want to play Marcus, it’s not really my energy to play that kind of character. 

We heard filming Eclipse in Vancouver was crazy. Did you have to go undercover to get out of your hotel and get to where the film set?

Personally, I didn’t have to. I’m not out there enough for people to really recognise me.
You didn’t get your call sheet until very, very late in the day and so you wouldn’t know exactly where you were going. Locations are very covert, it’s very hard to find out where they are. It was top secret in Vancouver!

Were there lots of fans hanging around?
There were a few. There was a big building next to where we were shooting and we had to erect this giant cover to stop the paparazzi taking pictures. They would hide out in hotel rooms in the building adjacent to us and start taking pictures. The worst thing about it is, as soon as one person knows [where we were] they go on Twitter and tell the rest of the country! And then everyone’s there!

So do the fans recognise you yet?
I’m really famous in Italy! I shot in Montepulciano in Tuscany, which was an amazing experience in itself – it was such a great honour to go there and they really did put on a great show for us. I only did one day of shooting so I spent the rest of the time running around and having fun with fans. And they really appreciated that so a bunch of fan sites started popping up on the internet and when I went back to Rome for the first time since shooting New Moon, there were a tonne of chicks there who had been in Montepulciano who were staunch Charlie Bewley fans.

Would you ever date a fan?
Of course, I never say no to anything so who knows!

Do you have any stalkers?
No I think I’ve fended them all off. I told them I had them sussed because they were very sly about it – they were like executive stalkers so they’re like, ‘Oh I just happen to be here while you’re here, isn’t that amazing?!’ and you suddenly realise they’re following you around. You have to work out ways of batting them off.

Are you single at the moment?
I am very single, I’ve been single for a long time. It’s fun being single right now. It’s a time in my life where it doesn’t really make sense to have [a significant other]. But, you know, if someone can come along and help you and ameliorate and such then that’s cool. But I’m definitely not in for one of those full-on loving relationships – but then who can really tell when that’s going to come along again.

So you’re having lots of fun with it all?
I’m working hard and I’m just looking forward to my next role. I love acting, I love film and I love bringing myself to characters, especially big ones that are already known, like Demetri.

How does it feel being the ‘new guy’ on set when a lot of the cast have already met?
It was weird going in, you know these people simply through magazine covers.
The first scene I did in New Moon was this scene in a very tight space with Dakota Fanning, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Ashley Greene and Daniel Cudmore and suddenly you’re told to act and interact with these people. 
It’s a very surreal experience and as good an actor as you think you are, you have to really get into the moment and don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by the fact that you’re standing there with these five guys who are pretty much the most photographed people in the world right now. 

Did you speak to them much when you first got there or did you keep to yourself?
You’re in the same spaces all the time so you’re either on set or you’re in the makeup trailer or in the green room-style thing.
I spoke in depth with Kristen, I had good chats with Rob and Michael Sheen and Dakota Fanning – who is just the sweetest girl, she’s very down to earth. 

Was there any awkwardness on set?
Everyone has their own space and you’re on a very high-profile movie set. Not everyone’s running around on bouncy castles and high-fiving each other. Sometimes it’s quite a tense environment, that’s just the nature of the business and working on a film set. 
We do get time off and we had some great little afterparties – especially in Italy. When it comes down to it they’re just normal people doing their jobs at a high stakes level.

How do you think Robert, Kristen and Taylor are dealing with the fame?
I think they’re dealing with it really well. I mean, this has never really happened to anyone before. What’s happened to Rob is unprecedented, Taylor’s not far behind and Kristen has been in the industry long enough to really [know it]. I saw Rob recently and he seems to be doing just fine and Taylor’s just having a great time. They obviously have a lot to do in the next year and it’s a crazy life for them. They’re just taking it day-by-day.

Are you prepared for that level of fame, or a similar level?
I don’t know, do you think it will happen to someone in the Volturi?

Yes, we think it probably will…
I think they’re [the fans] are going to go insane for Rob [at the premiere], they’re all there for Rob essentially – and Taylor and Kristen. But fans will take something from the multitude of different characters that are introduced in New Moon. So you won’t just have Team Edward and Team Jacob, you’ll have Team Jared or Team Caius. 

Lots of cinemas have already sold out of tickets on opening night, it’s a worldwide phenomenon right now…
This film is going to be so huge, the first one [Twilight] was supposed to be an indie flick…The story in New Moon really does diversify in that you now have a wolf pack and they have a whole new presence and then the Volturi enter the frame. It’s going to be a huge action film. That’s why they brought Chris Weisz [the director] on board.

Which Twilight team are you on?
I’m on my own team, I’m on Team Demetri! There are already team Demetri’s out there, it’s already happening, the Italians are in my corner.

Which was more difficult to film, New Moon or Eclipse?
Probably New Moon because I was just getting used to my character and just beginning to understand him, by Eclipse I was understanding more about him. 
You can do as much preparation as you want but until you get in your costume and you walk on to set, it’s only then that you begin to understand the amount of idiosyncrasies your character has. They just come to you. It’s fantastic.

What has been your favourite scene to film?
I don’t want to give too much away but in Eclipse – the way the Volturi travel is a little bit cool – that’s all I can tell you!

If you could be another character from the Saga, who would it be?
I’m hugely happy with Demetri but if there was another character I think I could play very, very well it’s Jacob. 
I share a lot in common with him, his roots and his primitive nature. I played a lot of rugby when I was a kid and I grew up on a farm so I’m quite rough at heart. 

Do you think you could have gained the 30lb of muscle that Taylor did?
I wouldn’t have needed to gain the 30lb of muscle! I’m not the skinny kid that Jacob started out as. With my Jacob, he would have started at 170lb and got to 200lb. I would be immensely bigger than Jacob is right now because I used to be this huge barrelling rugby player. 

Do you think New Moon will put Taylor up where Rob is in the fame department?
Yeah, I think he is due that. This is his movie, he was very much on the back burner for the first movie. I think Taylor is in for a fun ride with the mass hysteria he will be involved in very soon.

Do you think he’s ready for it?
He’s not an introverted Bambi.

Is that what Robert Pattinson is?
[laughs] No, no, Rob is someone who is a very talented musician. It’s funny, when I first went to the set I caught him outside having a smoke and my first words to him were ‘So… Are you alright, are you OK?’. [Laughs]
Because I was in the same boat as everyone else so all I’d seen was this massive amount of attention on him, which has only gotten bigger since.
He said: ‘Yeah, yeah I’m OK, I’m cool.’ I asked if he was having fun and he said: “It’s great but all my mates are back home in London getting record contracts”.
[Laughs]I thought that was brilliant, I stood there for a second and I thought ‘Wow, you’re life really sucks!’ It was a cool little candid moment that I’ll always remember. 

We bet that would have made a great little video moment…
Yeah, there were so many cool little outtakes, I hope someone kept them. There is so much funny stuff going on. 

Is it weird to have fans when they haven’t seen you in anything yet?
No one has seen me but people have seen what I’m like as a person. People gauge who you are and how you’re taking this and I try to be as accessible to fans as possible. I think it’s really important. 
Right now it’s better for me to be there with the fans rather than hide myself away, what’s the point? I’m not at Rob’s [Pattinson] level, I don’t need to hide myself away for my own safety. For me, being there for fans and really giving them what they want is great and it’s something they cherish and they deserve. They’ve given a lot to this Saga and they deserve something back.

Describe your perfect date?
That’s a tough one, I haven’t thought about dating….

Okay, what about your perfect girl?
I don’t have a perfect girl. It’s very hard to give a typical description of my perfect girl. There’s this invisible spark you get with some people, the most random people that you never expect to get it with. And it’s a spark that you can’t walk away from. It’s indescribable. It’s just something – it’s a massive equation that no one is ever going to be able to fathom. 
But one physical attribute that runs concurrent with the girls that I am attracted to is that they all have disproportionately large heads [laughs]. Which is just my observation, it’s not that I prefer it, I’ve just noticed it!

Wow, that’s a bit weird… Were there any sparks with people on set?
No, everyone on set had regular-sized heads!

Are Rob and Kristen dating?
Kristen and Rob are spending a lot of time in their own company, I know that – that’s as far as I can go. You can make your own assumptions. I don’t actually care!

Our Twitter followers sent us over a few more questions for you, are you ready for them?
Let’s go!

What has been the funniest moment during filming?
We were barricaded in the hotel we had in Montepulciano. I needed to get to the production offices and we couldn’t leave. So first, I went upstairs and got a pale of water and just threw it on the fans and told them to get out the way. But they loved that because it was so hot. 
So I thought: ‘I have to go’ and I just walked straight outside and they were there, ready to pounce. And I sort of walked out like I was going to be met by a lion and I did the whole Crocodile Dundee thing with the fingers. I crept out really slowly and I sort of looked at them all and then I sidestepped and they weren’t moving but they were watching me as I crept and crouched sideways down this street. 
As soon as I was out of danger, I legged it. I was running through the streets of Montepulciano with my flipflops on away from fans and they were charging after me. The first day it happened I needed five security guards. 

Do you have a stuffed toy from your childhood that you love like your character Jesse in Stuffed [a short film starring Charlie] does?
Hmm [turns to ask his mum]… I have a blanket that I’ve had for eleven years. I called it Kinkin.

Why are you so cute?
I wish I could answer that – I’ll think of something cool later.

If you had to take one book, one person and one object to a desert island, what would they be?
The book would have to be the Bible because I’ve never read it and there is a lot to take from it in a metaphorical way, I’m a bit of an atheist but I’d like to understand what the clamour is about. 
The one person would be [thinks for a bit] – I would set up a complex and intricate contest to find the best person to take with me. They have to have a big head.
And my one item would be… I wish I could have had this question before the interview so I could have come up with a kickass answer! I’d take a helicopter.

What about petrol?
I’d get as far as I could and I’d swim the rest of the way. I’d take a laser beam. I’ve always thought the best mark of a man is how he would survive on a desert island. 

What was the last thing you listened to on your iPod?
It’s a wicked song called ‘Remedy’ by Little Boots. 

If you could work with one leading lady, who would it be?
I would say Sienna Miller or Rachel McAdams, they are the two most stunning girls – in very different ways. There’s another one that I can’t remember…

Megan Fox?
No, I’m not a fan of Megan Fox, I just think she’s raw porn. I think she’s a great actress but unfortunately I think she’s getting saturated [with attention because of her figure].

How old are you?
I don’t tell people how old I am because I don’t think it’s a very accurate representation of who I am as a person. It’s out there, you can find it if you really want to. 

Where did your Twitter name, @alchemission, come from?
A book called The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, which is a fantastic book. 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I see myself with my fingers in so many different creative pies. I can see my acting pushing forward and I would love to play lead roles… I have so many different things I want to do right now.

Thanks so much for chatting with us, Charlie!
Any time!

New Moon is in cinemas November 20th.




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