Hollyscoop Interviews with Rob, Kristen, and Taylor


HS: What was your favorite scene to shoot?


RP: “I really like the scene just before the breakup scene, the night before the breakup scene right in front of Bella’s house. Mainly because we kinda re-wrote the whole thing on the night doing it and it was just from the kind of feel of what felt right and it really showed how great Chris [Weitz, the director] is; cause we finished the scene and I went up to Chris and I said I wish we said something else, and then they changed all the lighting around and we did it again and Kristen ended up saying a new line perfectly, which I cannot say but I felt it was the right line to say and that was kind of amazing.”

Read the full interview with Robert here.



HS: What is it about Jacob that makes him so appealing to Bella?


KS: “If you were to do a clinical rundown on Jacob’s personality traits and Bella’s, they should be together, period. They are best friends, I mean, that’s why they are best friends, that’s not love. It makes sense for all of us, from an outsiders perspective to want two best friends to be together. It’s great when it works out but it rarely does. It’s just a different relationship. He’s so different from Edward, he’s warm, on a symbolic level, he’s not just warm physically, he’s actually funny, and she’s light around him but he doesn’t complete her and it’s an indescribable thing. You have to go for what’s not necessarily easy.

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HS: How do you get into character for some of these emotional extremes?


TL: “The number one thing that I go off is the book, so that is exactly what the fans want to see and that helps. It has so much detail in the book so that is my number one thing. Also my relationship with Kristen really helps, we have almost have relationship very similar to Jacob and Bella’s so that was helpful. Behind the direction of Chris White is awesome, he helps a lot.”

Read the full interview with Taylor here.


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