Taylor Lautner in Men’s Health Magazine

When music video director Anthony Mandler showed up at the Men’s Health photo shoot where he would be working with “New Moon” cutie Taylor Lautner, he knew that he was getting involved with one of the biggest hunks in Hollywood today. Thank goodness his subject turned out to be really down to earth.

“That was the first time [I had worked with him]. Awesome guy. Sweetheart, incredible. Incredibly present and willing to try things and do things over again and just super cool,” Anthony, who alsorecently directed Rihanna’s “Russian Roulette” video, told MTV News.

For the shoot, Taylor is seen looking suave and buff, and it was important for Anthony to capture that aspect of the actor. “We wanted to be really physical. We really wanted to show the physical side of him rather then play him as a kid,” he explained, adding that instead he was trying to paint Taylor “as a more of a man. And, having come from martial arts can do some incredible things. We had a blast.”

He added, “It was great. He’s a great guy. I’d work with him anytime.”

So, after working with Taylor, it begs the question is the photographer Team Jacob or Team Edward? “I’m biased at this point right now… I’m biased,” Anthony joked, implying that he is Team Jacob. “I’m excited to see it even though it’s a little out of my age bracket. I enjoyed the last one.”



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