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The “Twi light” series may have changed the lives of fans world wide, but per haps no one has been more affected by its suc cess than the three stars of the film: Robert Pat tin son, Kris ten Stew art and Tay lor Lautner.

All became overnight sen sa tions when they were intro duced to the novel’s mil lions of fans as the faces of Edward, Bella and Jacob — the three high-school stu dents with mys ti cal secrets at the cen ter of the story. Edward is a vam pire, Jacob is a were wolf and Bella is the ordi nary teenage girl loved by both of them.

attin son, 23, Stew art, 19, and Laut ner, 17, went from bit parts to big stars with the first “Twi light” film. As they pre pare for the release Fri day of the antic i pated sequel, “New Moon,” the young cast reflected on the ups and downs of new found fame.

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AP: What is the best thing to come out of the “Twi light” mania for you?

Stew art: It’s the same sat is fac tion that I get from any other movie, it’s just that so many more peo ple are pay ing atten tion. I always say I make movies for the life expe ri ence — lit er ally, you steal from the char ac ters you play — and to know that that’s actu ally affect ing 100 mil lion not only lit tle girls, but really spans the ages of peo ple, it just feels good. It’s so dif fer ent from any thing I’ve ever expe ri enced, so that’s def i nitely the best thing.

Pat tin son: Pre sent ing at the Oscars and stuff, it’s just kind of so sur real. But there’s lit tle things, like recently I’ve been work ing on the “Remem ber Me” trailer and I had very lit tle time to orga nize it, but the con trol you’re given because of “Twilight’s” suc cess is kind of incred i ble. It is an amaz ing feeling.

Laut ner: It’s trav el ing the world in gen eral and see ing this kind of fan sup port world wide. We go to Sao Paolo, Brazil, and then we go to Mex ico City, we go all over the world and we have fans there with the same amount of pas sion every where we go. It’s just amaz ing to know we have that kind of fan sup port behind us.

AP: What’s one thing you miss from your pre-“Twilight” life?

Stew art: I like being out side. I like to take walks and I could totally take walks — it’s not the fans, the fans are great, they would let me walk. It’s the other peo ple, you know what I mean. It’s the other people.

Pat tin son: I loved dri ving around L.A. I know not a lot of peo ple say that, but if you don’t have to get any where, L.A. is the best place to drive ’round in. I used to have this lit tle car, a con vert ible … and I really do miss doing that, as the sun is going down, dri ving over the moun tains. It’s a great thing and I kind of do miss that a lit tle bit. It’s not really the same thing when you’ve got 10 cars fol low ing you.

Laut ner: Malls and movie the aters, or me at them. You have to make adjust ments but you can’t let it get to you.

AP: What has been your most mem o rable fan encounter?

Stew art: There were two girls that wound up in Italy as extras. I had met them pre vi ously in Van cou ver but they were from Min nesota, so lots of trav el ing and strange coin ci dence that they hap pen to have been placed right next to my mark.

Laut ner: There are so many. The Brazil ian fans were very pas sion ate. We were greeted by them at the air port. Appar ently there were bar ri cades but I didn’t see them. It was an inter est ing walk from the air port doors to our car.

AP: How is “New Moon” dif fer ent from “Twilight”?

Stew art: It’s very much rooted in the story. The rea son “Twi light” felt sort of kinetic, like the energy was sort of hard to grasp … was because the whole story was about not being able to grasp that energy but going after it with full force and not car ing about the con se quences. That sort of infil trates “New Moon” because she’s been told that she was absolutely wrong, so now it’s a more mature, con sid er ate approach to the same ideas. Tonally, “New Moon” is dif fer ent in that it also becomes more dan ger ous, it becomes more real. She finally opens her eyes and she’s like, “Oh, I’ve woken up in Won der land. It’s really scary. It’s actu ally scarier than I thought it was going to be” because there are were wolves and all the bad vam pires want to kill her and all of that, so tonally it could not be more different.

Laut ner: It takes every thing Bella and Edward cre ated in “Twi light” and destroys it at the begin ning when he leaves, and it has to rebuild it, or Jacob has to rebuild Bella and then it’s kind of destroyed at the end again. It’s an emo tional roller coaster.



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