Best Twi-Cast Interview

As you know a few weeks back there was a press junket for New Moon, where the press got to ask all the questions they wanted (mostly consisting of “what’s New Moon about?”, “how do you relate to your characters?”, and etc.) We did not post most of those videos because we already know the answers to those questions and there are so many interviews that we just cant keep up. I’m sure that if you youtube there will be at least 100 press interviews. Anyway there is one interview that stands out the most and is pretty much the best interview of the cast to date. And while  I can’t post it here because there’s no way to embed it, I will give you the link but MUST WARN you that there is A LOT of cursing and very adult oriented questions being asked. ENJOY!

No Good TV- Twilight Saga: New Moon Cast Uncensored



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