‘New Moon’ Wolf Pack Plan To Get Permanent Quileute Symbol Tattoos: Ink Yes Or Ink Oh No?

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This summer, we posed a simple question to you, our beloved Hollywood Crush readers: Would you ever get a “Twilight” tattoo? Reactions were mixed, but one group that sounds eager to immortalize the vampire romance in ink is the actors who play the series’ shapeshifting tribesmen

When MTV News caught up recently with Alex MerazChaske SpencerBronson Pelletier andKiowa Gordon, they revealed that they’ve been mulling over the idea of making the Quileute symbol they sport in the flick a permanent fixture.

“Yeah, we’ve talked about that. We’re all getting tattoos,” Chaske, who plays pack leader Sam Uley, said.

“Maybe by ‘Breaking Dawn,’ you know?” Alex agreed. “By the end of everything, if it all goes down well, we’re getting tattoos.”

Well, maybe not all of them. “Look, I’m still on the fence,” Bronson admitted, “but most likely I’ll get the tattoo.”

“You’re getting the tattoo,” Chaske insisted, turning around and pointing at his young costar. “On the film, we’ve all bonded,” he continued. “We all bonded when we went to start doing the workout sessions and stuff. We hang out with each other a lot, off-set and on- set. We go to the movies, hang out in clubs and stuff. So, it’s like I’ve gained three brothers.”

No word yet on whether Taylor Lautner will join the brothers in their inkfest, but from what we’ve seen in the trailer and publicity stills, we’ll admit the tat isn’t a bad addition to the 17-year-old’s bulging biceps.



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