Dakota Fanning Dishes On How She Got Her ‘New Moon’ Role & The Scent That Makes Her Bloodthirsty

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“Orange chicken from Panda Express, which I had earlier today,” Dakota replied with a laugh when asked what scent would incite a little neck nibbling of her own. “So if someone smelled like orange chicken, I would for sure have to eat them. It’s the best! It’s so good!”

In Stephenie Meyer’s vampire romance, heroine Bella Swan’s fresh, floral scent is one of many traits that her bloodsucking boyfriend Edward Cullen finds simply irresistible. But not all vamps shares his penchant for petals. Dakota Fanning, who plays the petite pain-inflicting Volturi member Jane, enjoys a much meatier brand of heroin.

While hanging with MTV News at the LA premiere of “New Moon” (and looking super cute in her lacy Valentino), Dakota also dished on how she got her vampiric role. “I didn’t audition, but when they came to me seeing if I wanted to be in it, I was really excited to be a part of it and so happy they wanted me to be in it,” she explained. “It’s such a great honor.”

Dakota will reprise her role in the third film, “Eclipse,” and while her part is small, her presence will no doubt be felt. “I did inflict some pain,” she revealed.



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