Fanfiction Recommendation Friday!

So yeah, I am aware that it is 1 o’clock on SATURDAY morning, but give a girl a break it’s been a busy day. I went to see New Moon at 10 this morning & haven’t had a moment to sit down to do anything blog related at all today. I’m once again, away on business with my job &  haven’t been back to my hotel until just about an hour ago. Therefore, this brings me here to posting this FRF really quickly so I can go to bed & have Jacob dreams. 🙂

This week’s fic is really awesome, it’s my new favorite Jacob fic. Not to mention the author is definitely one of my favs on FFN.

Title: Heart In A Headlock

Author: bloodofbeckie

Featuring: Jacob & Bella

Story Type: Rated: M – English – Romance/Drama

Status: In Progress

Summary: When left again to bask in the glow of her sun, Bella finds her heart in a headlock when she finds passion in Jacob rather than Edward. A/E, Eclipse. Collaboration with Allure-and-Insanity.

*lemons – sexy times

Reason I read & recommend it: EDIT–  So I’m back . .  ( ahem ) This story is freaking awesome; thee end, go read it. LOL . I’m playing .

The author obviously takes her writing seriously and enjoys what she is writing about. The vocabulary, to me, anyway is extremely vivid; I promise you all that I can see every scene that she describes between Bella and Jacob clearly. It’s not often that I read a fic that is even like this, but I’m so glad that I found it.

Jacob’s character is sexy beyond words, but it’s not like over cocky or over confident it’s the perfect mix. I actually sort of like Bella’s character in this story; even though you all know it’s not often that I like Bella’s character. LOL . You can feel the toughness of the decisions that she has to make and just the tension that she feels while trying to make the right decision. In my opinion, the right decision is Jacob . .  .screw an Edward.  Oops, did I say that? Sorry. 🙂

Anywho, don’t have an account on FFn? Don’t worry your pretty little head about it, she’s on Twilighted too.


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  1. rockydee

    props to you for even posting <3's

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