Peter Facinelli Takes a Bite Out of ‘New Moon’ and PopEater

The Twilight Saga: New Moon‘ patriarchPeter Facinelli stopped by the PopEater offices to talk about his experiences with the film and much more.

Peter tells us about the premiere what he’s looking forward to about ‘Eclipse,’ working with three different directors, the scrutiny that his co-stars are constantly under, his Twitter life and what he knows about ‘Breaking Dawn.’

‘I hope that ‘New Moon’ comes out and does well enough where they push the green button on [it],” he tells us. Watch the Video

Vodpod videos no longer available.


The film’s premiere: “That was pretty phenomenal. To show up somewhere and have six blocks of screaming fans is pretty fantastic.”

Seeing it on the big screen: “What was great about this was, I wasn’t in a lot of the werewolf stuff, so it was fun to watch something that I hadn’t been in so I got to see it as an audience member.”

His favorite scene: “Watching Jacob [transform.]”

He hopes ‘Breaking Dawn’ gets made: “As an actor you take on these books and I want to be able to close the chapter on them, no pun intended, and complete the saga and as a fan I’d love to see all four of them made.”

How his co-stars love lives are constantly scrutinized: “It’s sad to me because they are friends of mine … and it’s tough.”





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