Taking Down Haters of The Twilight Saga

With NEW MOON finally in theaters and twilighters rejoicing, it has come to my attention that the fandom is facing an overwhelming amount of hate. Hate from the press, critics but most from the male dominated culture we females live in. Now I’m not trying to make this into a sexist issue but the fact remains the same, that much of the hate that the fandom receives is from men. Many of the remarks that I have heard as of late is “Twilight is Gay” or “Twilight Sucks”, while many of us would agree Twilight the Movie was NOT that great but we still love the saga no matter what, and respect the actors, characters and the entire fandom. I am taking upon myself to discuss why I believe “hater ganna hate” and look at things from a psychological standpoint (after all I have received a degree in it, so I might as well put it to good use). LOL

Exhibit A – FB “friend” Twilight Hates. Makes the following comments on his FB status


Fuck twilight period.


I just took a duce and it sparkles o twilight fans come check this shit out

I’m sorry for the crude language of the asshat but it needed to be put on blast. Now you may ask why he put up such a status; was it to attract attention, provoke people into commenting on his status? Maybe. But the real reason for his hate of Twilight is the little fact that this boy was taken to see Twilight by his girlfriend who eventually dumped him for being an asshat; what else is new? So could he be hating on Twilight for the mere association it has for him or is it because he just wants attention for hating it and look more tough because he says he hates it. I say yes to all of the above. But to cut him a little slack, it may be noted that this asshat has lots of friend especially girls on FB, so maybe he got tired of the Twilight status and decided it was time to retaliate. To that, I say fine; I understand the annoying status’ but thats NO reason to say such things. So exhibit A, I think you are just a emo little attention seekers, who had a broken heart and takes out his anger on Twilight cause it reminds you of your EX. That’s still not an excuse.

Exhibit B- The egotistical fanboy that is jealous

Yes, sounds complicated but really its quite simple. Many man that hate on Twilight are just Star Wars, and or comic boy fanboys that are jealous of our fandom’s success and dislike the fact that our fandom is allowed to attend Comic Con. Twilighters are committed, devoted and loyal. We get hatred because these fanboy think that they are the only ones that are allowed to have a fandom such as the famous Star Wars. Now I just want to suggest that no one is taking over your precious Comic Con, and you boys need to learn to share.

Edit: a quote about fanboys stated by friend: I’m unbiased, those fucktards at comic con are jealous virgins

Exhibit C- The dude that says “Twilight is gay and or Edward Cullen is Gay”

Usually the tough looking guy who has to see Twilight because his girlfriend made him and she won’t stop talking about Twilight, New Moon and Rob or Taylor. This guy gets tired of his girlfriends constant ramblings on how much better Edward is, so in turn he call Edward gay because “real guys don’t do that” whatever  “that” may  be. You can also assume that he thinks Edward is hot, you know cause guys have man crushes too but just wont admit to it. And also to those guys, I think you’re trying to compensate for something by all the name calling! =)

Exhibit D- The critics that judge the fandom and cant deal with the success of Twilight

Critics believe that every movie should be great and non-conventional but most movies aren’t like that. I dont understand why  they have to over analyze and over critique every single thing in a movie, instead of just enjoying it. There’s a point that these movies are being made; its to please the fans, NOT critics.  I think we should just adapt the idea of ‘to each his own’, I mean come on; yes there are terrible movies and we need to know when to save our movie but don’t criticize a movie that has such a devoted fanbase

Exhibit E- Vampires that sparkle? WTF is that.

Yea, we get it but again lets adopt a motto ‘to each his own’. For far too long vampires have been scary and for once they aren’t. How do you know they don’t sparkle? How do you know they burn in the sun? Have you witnessed this for yourself? NO, I didnt think so. I understand that you don’t want people to mess with a myth but HELLO its a myth, so does it really matter if Stephenie Meyer has her version of vampires? So please stop hating on the sparkly one and go find something else to occupy your time with rather than hate. GO WATCH ANNE RICE or something scary. Last point, The Twilight Saga is more of a love story than it is a vampire story. So just keep that in mind

You know what I think is the best suggestion, IF YOU GOT NOTHING NICE TO SAY THEN DON’T SAY ANYTHING. We don’t like your hatred and would be much better off without it. In the end I’d like to say De and I are proud to be Twilighters and we love the friends we’ve made because of the fandom. SO if you want to keep hating, keep hating; and WE STILL KEEP LOVING TWILIGHT

PS- I think KSTEW has a gift for you



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5 responses to “Taking Down Haters of The Twilight Saga

  1. urbansophistication

    ROTFL .

    Ah, this is hilarious. See Di, you`re funny all by your lonesome. =D

  2. yasutora

    This is really funny, I gotta say. Specially the F-off photo. I’m not a Twilight fan, btw, and I do disagree with you on a few points, like the fact that we are jealous. I think Star Wars is something that Lucas churned out after a hangover! Lol, ty

    • rockydee

      I’m open to hearing how you disagree with me. But mostly those arguments are made from personal experience, so it may not apply to everyone. LOL @ the George Lucas joke. Everything that comes out of Hollywood nowadays, Twilight included seems like a bad hangover idea, just sayin’. As ever thanks for the comment =)

  3. xAntixTwilightx

    Wow, you got a lot of that wrong. Sure, some of the anti twilight population is male, but there is there fair share of girls stuck in there (like myself) with real reasons why we hare twilight. A lot of us have actually READ THE SERIES and still HATE IT. Look on an anti site like http://www.theantitwilightmovement.webs.com
    and do some research, will ya?
    (ps. I respect your openion, but you said a lot of was untrue. But there is a TON of guys who say stuff like that…)

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