Kellan Lutz to Star in ‘Cedars of Lebanon’

He’s been in the Emmy-winning seriesGeneration Killthe Twilight saga, and nowKellan Lutz will appear in Cedars of Lebanon.

According to The Wrap, Lutz has just recently signed on for the film – which will mark the directorial debut of Bradley Gregg – as one “of two brothers who are largely abandoned by their father and forced to grow up by themselves.” Cinema Blend is referring to the film as a “family drama.”

Gregg’s company, Eventide Fields, is recounting the storyline as follows:

“Cedars of Lebanon” is a bittersweet tale of redemption, the story of Barry Deutchman’s ride upon the wave of his narcissistic father’s abandonment. Growing up in the San Fernando Valley during the 70’s, this latch key kid struggles to thrive and grow where he is planted…atop very shallow roots. Forced to take care of his desperate single mother and angry younger brother…all while trying to heal his own wounded heart…he hits one brick wall after another. The story unfolds as Barry matures from boy to man. A self-medicating actor…with a young wife and kids of his own to nurture…he blindly sets off down the universal road of unbroken cycles. The reality portrayed in this cross-generational, character driven drama explores the progression and consequences of dysfunction in one American family. After a compassionate intervention and Barry’s own crisis of faith, he ultimately rises again…the cycle is broken and selfless love prevails.

A script sample from the picture is available here.




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