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Having made a rather large name for himself as Embry Call in The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: EclipseKiowa Gordon has a pretty full roster for 2010.

You’ve already heard a great deal about Gordon’s forthcoming work Into The Darkness (which shoots in April or May), but now, it has been revealed that Gordon will also be filming Murder For Dummys.

Murder is written by Emerson Bixby and will be directed by David Capurso. According to Shock Till You Drop, the film’s synopsis is as follows:

The story takes place on Halloween night and involves a couple and their friend accidentally killing a costumed trick or treater in a hit and run, then trying to cover up the murder. Once the friend starts to develop a taste for murder, comic and grisly twists and turns ensue.

The picture is set for filming in January, 2010. The kick of it? He’ll be joining many of his Darknessco-stars in the film. At least three, in fact, including Russ Russo, Wolfgang J. Weber, and Dalal Bruchmann.




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