Cameron Bright Raises Money for Compartment Syndrome Patient

Following is a Driftwood Q&A with 16-year-old New Moon star Cameron Bright, who is on Salt Spring today (Dec. 2) for a fundraiser for young Jasmin Wilson and her family. Jasmin is at B.C. Children’s Hospital facing a second bout of compartment syndrome. Bright, a West Coast native, plays the Volturi vampire Alec, twin brother to Dakota Fanning’s character Jane.


Driftwood Staff

Q. Where are you right now? What was the last thing you did before you answered this email?

A. My home . . . and I’m currently watching Top Gun.

Q. Since New Moon has been the #1 movie in North America in the past two weeks, I expect you’ve been in high demand. What have you been up to over the past few days?

A. Yea, me and my mom have been travelling quite a bit for different things, like twi-cons and press as well.

Q. What made you decide to take time to make an appearance on Salt Spring?

A. When I have time and am back at my house I try to do what I can for charities. My main one is JDRF — juvenile diabetes — and currently I am working to support Island KIA, a youth sports fundraiser in Nanaimo. Mike Best, who is from Salt Spring, has been working on this fundraiser with me, and that is how I came to hear about Jasmin Wilson. Mike mentioned there might be a role I could play, helping this family on Salt Spring in a way that might make their medical bills a little less. With Michael Levy, the Salt Spring cinema owner, Mike organized the autograph signing and question and answer session to raise funds for Jasmin and asked me to come to Salt Spring for this. I am really excited to do this, and I hope everyone in the community will come out and support it. It is important that we help Jasmin and her family however we can.

Q. You were born in Victoria, but where is your permanent home these days?

A. I still live on Vancouver Island.

Q. Playing the Volturi vampire Alec in New Moon is a much darker role than your first gig in a Telus commercial. What was it like playing a vampire?

A. It feels great being able to be something that people have only dreamed about being in their life. As soon as I get my makeup and wardrobe on, the contacts, etc., you just feel like a vampire. It’s amazing.

Q. What is Alec’s special power?

A. I can remove people’s senses.

Q. So in real life, are you known as being a “bad boy” or a “good boy”?

A. I feel that everyone is good and bad, it just depends on their actions that make them what they want, as well as their choice in which emotion rules them . . . so I am bad when I need to be and good just as well, I would say.

Q. What blood type are you?

A. Blood type? Human . . . hahaha. I have no idea.

Q. Wikipedia says you’re “reported to be in a relationship with someone in the south-east of Ireland.” Is that still current? Can you give any other details to help quench your female fans’ thirst for knowledge about your love life?

A. Hahaha. I have never been to Ireland and don’t know anyone from there . . . but maybe in someone’s dreams, I guess. I’m single, simple as that, and I don’t really know — I’d say get to know me, that’s the only way you’re gonna be able to see how I really am.

Q. In addition to the fundraiser, do you plan to do anything else while you are here? Or will you be whisked off immediately to some other locale?

A. While on Salt Spring, in addition to the autograph session and Q&A, I am also going to meet some of the donors and supporters helping to raise funds for the Wilson family, and then I have other appearances to make elsewhere. I only wish I had a little more time to visit Salt Spring because I have heard it is such a nice island, but right now, the time just isn’t available to do that.



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