@Twilight Sweeptakes!

Just a few short hours ago, a new The Twilight Saga: New Moon contest was revealed by the Official Twilight Twitter (manned by Summit Entertainment), and it is specific to Twitter users.

The contest involves a grand prize of a phone call conversation for the winner with a cast member from The Twilight Saga: New Moon (of course, limited by the availability of talent, schedules, etc.), the exact cast member as yet unspecified. The caller is also subject to substitution by director Chris Weitz. Surely, there are some fans who would probably take that opportunity up over any castmate on the roster (here’s lookin’ at you, @twilightus).

The contest requires Twitter users to follow @Twilight and tweet (only once per day) “I’ve seen New Moon [fill in x number] of times. #SeeNewMoonAgain” to the Official Twilight Twitter page. Of course, this also entails Twilight fans following the account so as to chance receiving the illustrious direct message (the method of winning notification) on or about December 21st when the winner is selected at random by a hired-out agency that deals in such matters.

The contest has already begun and will end on December 18th, 2009, at 11:59 p.m. PST. More of the official rules are available here. Good luck to all who enter!

Note that an additional bonus to following the Official Twilight Twitter page is that, when the page reaches 200,000 followers, a special The Twilight Saga: Eclipse treat will be revealed. Exactly what, again, is not completely known.



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