The Respect Rob Campaign

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Via ThinkingOfRob


Due to recent paps pics of Rob that came out today and inva sive ones taken before (chas ing Rob while he’s dri­ving, tak ing pic tures of him from rooftops), the fans are stand ing up and fight ing back. We want the paps to know that we don’t want to see pics like these, so stop tak ing them. Stop invad ing his pri vate life. Enough is enough. Because no per son deserves this, celebrity our not. There are lim its and you have gone too far. He doesn’t want this, nei ther do we!

Here’s our way of fight ing back, in less than 12 hours we were able to get 210+ pics of fans pos ing with their arms over their face to show their protest. This is our way of say ing leave him alone. We’re hop ing this mes sage gets across to the paps. Fans from all over the world sent in pics and trans lated quotes.


We, as site own ers, don’t want to post these pics either. A huge group of fans and sites came together for this post. This is a col lab o ra tive effort between Think ing of Rob, Pat tin son OnlineIn My DreamsEyes of Amber,Ran dom Acts of RobRob My World, Why not? Twi light, Rpattz and MeGos sip Dance Rob muse mentTwi­light Ladies and so many oth ers that you can find at the bottoms.

We think it’s wrong that the paps are hound ing Rob like this and we want them to know.

So in case Eng lish is not enough, fans across the world have writ ten it in their own language:

“He doesn’t want this, nei ther do we” “¡El no quiere esto! ¡Nosotros tampoco!”“On tego nie chce i my tez nie!” “Han ønsker ikke dette og det gjør ikke vi heller!” “Il ne veut pas ça, nous non plus” “lui non vuole tutto questo, e neanche noi” “Nem ele nem nós quer e mos isto” “Tidak menginginkan ini, begitu juga kita” “Hij wil dit niet en wij willen het ook niet.” “Han vill inte ha det här, och det vill inte vi heller” “Uwe ma bido wala ihna kamaan” “O bunu istemiyor, biz de!” “Ezt sem ?, sem mi nem akar juk!” “Ní raibh sé ag iar raidh seo ní dhéanaimid!” ” Er will das nicht eben so wenig wie wir! ” “Hän ei halua tätä, emmekä halua mekään!” “Han vil ikke have det her og det vil vi heller ikke” ” El nu vrea asta. Nici noi! ” “Ell no vol això. Tam poc nos altres!” “Nechce to a nechceme to ani my!” “Doed dwn o dim eisiau hwn, ac doed dwn ni” “El non quere isto, nós tam­pouco!” “Ayaw niya ito,pati kami ayaw din namin.” “Ní mian sé seo nach féidir linn” “Nid yw’n am hwn nid ydym yn ei” “On ne želi ovo. A ni mi.”

Sans titre

respect the pattz

View all the Respect Rob photos that people tweeted HERE


Also an interesting article about the paps and the new California law that will hopefully prevent them from taking such invasive photos of celebs….

LOS ANGELES — California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed an anti-paparazzi bill making it easier to sue media outlets that use photos that invade celebrities’ privacy.

A statement issued Monday says the former “Terminator” star had signed a number of bills, including the amendment to a decade-old law that allows fines against paparazzi who illegally or offensively take photos or recordings.

The amendment permits lawsuits against media outlets that pay for and make first use of material they knew was improperly obtained.

Tabloid magazines, TV shows and Internet sites sometimes pay millions of dollars for celebrity fodder.

The amendment takes effect in January.


Gossip Cop has heard about the Campaign and has posted and article read below for more info

Robert Pattinson fans are fighting back.

Their favorite shy superstar hounded relentlessly by paparazzi, many of Pattinson’s admirers have taken to the Internet in a big way. They’ve broadcast a united message to the photog community expressing disgust with what they see as grossly invasive practices.

“He Doesn’t Want This, Neither Do We,” is the banner taken up by major Pattinson fan sites, addressing the paparazzi who have turned the “Twilight” star’s life upside-down. “Enough is enough,” declares, “Because no person deserves this, celebrity or not. There are limits and you have gone too far.”

The most striking element of the campaign is a collection of hundreds of photographs contributed from fans across the world who pose with their hands covering their faces in protest. “This is our way of saying leave him alone,” explain the site proprietors who have collaborated on the effort.


I just have a few things to say… I saw the video of Rob being chased by the paps in order to get those photos mention that this respect Rob post started and while watching, it just made me sick to my stomach and want to cry. I feel terrible for Rob and I hope he knows that the fans care about him A LOT and have his back no matter what. I also wanted to say that I was a little disappointed with all the people in NYC that were chasing him around while he was here. I mean we NY’ers understand what personal space is and those girls that were jumping on him have no shame much like the paps, and I’d like to believe they were from out of town. Anyway, I am ranting but all I know is Rob is Rob and he needs his privacy back. Thats all. Keep up the good work ThinkingOfRob




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  3. Manu Peralta!

    I Love how you Defend Rob! He deserve People like You To stand up for him! I hope yo dont mind but i copy and paste this on another Website ( Sorry But i wantes ALL fans to see This!

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