Twi-Funny of the Day: New Moon Review With LOLcats

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Well, the latest installment of the Twilight series is breaking box office records all over the place. I contributed to that as I saw it with a packed house on Saturday afternoon. How could I resist, after having so much fun at the first one last year? It was an interesting experience, as my audience had a maniacal cackler who almost provided more entertainment than the movie itself.

Before I get to my detailed review (I am educated in film so expect serious criticism), I want to mention the movie’s soundtrack. I think a lot of indie rock fans were up in arms over some of the bands on there. I don’t know, I don’t put much stock in the whole “selling out” concept, and I’ve been listening to it and there really are a lot of great tracks. Thom Yorke, BRMC, Grizzly Bear, Editors…. um, uh… oh geez.

Keyboard Cat? Waitaminute… my review has been hi-jacked! I guess we’re doing this again…

New Moon!



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One response to “Twi-Funny of the Day: New Moon Review With LOLcats

  1. hey~! happy new year~!!! I like your twilight new moon reviews~! Plz come visit me sometime too~! ^.^ I LOVE twilight*! The movie was great but prefer the book like many others …
    I hate bella, but I like that cat!! Its sooo cute!~~

    mandy l.

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