A Message From Stephenie Meyer’s Website

December 8, 2009

Hey everybody. I just received a call from Stephenie and she wanted me to let everyone know that, contrary to some rumors that have recently started circulating, she is alive and well.

Have a great day.





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3 responses to “A Message From Stephenie Meyer’s Website

  1. karen

    stephenie- im terribly sorry that the partial draft of midnight sun was released without your permission.. although i couldnt help myself from reading it.. might i say its amazing… ive actually read it twice. i would love to be able to read the rest of the story… through edwards eyes. so please finish the book.. on your home page you mentioned something about you had to concentrate on your real work and that midnight sun was just a side project… well all four books are out, along with two movies.. what would be a better why to grab more interest than to bust out the fifth book inbetween movies.. fans are craving more edward and they already read all the books.. bring out something personal about him pursae (i. e. midnight sun) your fans will go absolutely nuts.. and i will be so grateful just to be able to complete reading the final chapters!!! thank you so much for time and you wonderful books!!


  2. Jennifer

    Stephanie, a couple of girl friends and i were talking about the midnight sun book as this is our favourite of all the books. I really hope that you do get around to finishing it, If you do will there be more books in edwards view? I would love to read all 4 books in his view.
    Thanks Alot Jen

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