Behind The Scenes of ‘Eclipse’ Via David Slade

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse by David Slade
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Throughout the filming process for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, David Slade made use of a very powerful social network – Twitter – to keep fans and followers updated on production. Not only did he tweet about the various stages, but he also sent along pictures of the cast and crew (including a very thorough – albeit self-proclaimed “occasional” – series specifically devoted to the set crew).

Unlike the filming process for The Twilight Saga: New Moon, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse was a bit of a pictorial mystery – aside from the very rare or perfunctory on-set paparazzi photograph – and David Slade’s tweets were precious in gaining insight into the on-set goings-on.
Over the months of filming, Slade delivered a great many updates, so to consolidate that information into one, digestible resource, here’s a compilation of David Slade’s behind-the-scenes look at The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

David Slade was announced as director of Eclipse back in April of 2009. Shortly thereafter, Slade was involved in a bit of controversy concerning some of his choice phraseology in an interview, but he later retracted his statement, and the Twilight world seemed right once more. Unfortunately, he was the subject of a later mis-quote situation which may have put unsavory use of words in his mouth, but that situation was later corrected as well (by the publication itself). The latter events occurred on or about June 13th through 15th, and it was less than a month later that Slade re-joined Twitter and abandoned his old handle in trade for a new one where he could start from scratch.

His very first tweet spoke volumes of the situation into which he was emerging.

4:42 PM Jul 19th Back again, misquoted, misunderstood, abused and hated. Ready for more. – DAVID S

Of course, things got a little more optimistic as time progressed, and Slade began to inform his audience of some real need-to-know information.

9:22 PM Jul 19th A day of script reading with a well needed break to take the great poochowski out.

“The Great Poochowski,” of course, is Slade’s pooch, who has also been a constant subject matter in Slade’s tweeting history. Script-reading quickly became story-boarding, and the follower journey continued.

1:39 PM Jul 20th Story boarding with a man called Salmon
3:38 PM Jul 20th Reading Stephenie’s notes on latest script draft, we are in very good shape.

When that last tweet came out, people really started to perk up. If Stephenie Meyer’s notes on the script left Slade in “good shape,” that meant that things were about to get real for filming of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Soon after, Slade began the saga of location scouting and shared his experiences with all.

11:16 PM Jul 20th Day in the production office draws to a close, will be story boarding at home now, 7.30am pick up to scout locations tomorrow, need sleep.

It’d be a while, but the promise was there: David Slade was going to tweet about filming locations … Needless to say, it was very exciting.

Of course, before the first location news came out, Slade began his occasional set crew photograph series with Javier Aguirresarobe, Director of Photography for The Twilight Saga: New Moon and Eclipse in a rather fun way – by comparing him to the Dos Equis spokesman (“The Most Interesting Man in the World”). The series continued, and it is explored in sequential order in the slideshow below.

1:15 AM Jul 21st Javier Aguirresarobe separated at birth with this guy

Shortly thereafter, Slade tweeted what we’d all been waiting for.

11:31 PM Jul 21st A long day of scouting, found Newborn hideout and battlefield finally.
11:32 PM Jul 21st Will start to post pictures soon.

Apparently, the Twilight love coming off of his insights into the Eclipse production process made a mark on David Slade.

11:34 PM Jul 21st By the way thanks to everyone for the encouragement and support it is much appreciated.

So, in return, he began to satiate the desires of his Twilight followers with a bit of Eclipse location teasing. Between issuing photographs of pictures from venues not chosen for shooting locations and abstracts of the one that was, Slade really got the momentum going on his follower interest. See the slideshow below for these images, explanations, and more.

Of course, with the passed-on location photos, a disclaimer had to be made.

1:35 AM Jul 22nd Quick note – all photos unless otherwise noted mine, only adding locations we are not using at the moment until confirmed permitted etc.

Interspersed between filming location tweets were a few specific to his experience in Vancouver (for more on these, see here), including this one of a so-called “lucky shot” of a salmon in mid-air, which Slade later explained to be a fake fish.

7:10 PM Aug 20th The Salmon jump high in Vancouver. Lucky shot.
8:24 AM Aug 21st Sorry the fish is fake, thrown by props dept, don’t tell national geographic.

After a little fun with these sorts of pictures came the goods about the actors – particularly the newest announced cast member at the time, Xavier Samuel.

6:31 PM Aug 22nd Wrapped first week, probably most challenging week of our shoot. Last night Xavier Samuels delivered as astonish power performance, all good
12:03 AM Aug 25th Shot with Rob and Kristen today, both gave great performances. Lots of frustrating noisy planes overhead but beautiful scene regardless.

In addition to remarks on the actors’ performances, Slade also issued this beautiful photograph of Eclipse star Taylor Lautner with an explanation as to its origin.

9:21 PM Aug 29th Mr Taylor Lautner. A photo I took during early camera lighting tests. Not a whisker in sight.

Continuing on to updates as to the whereabouts of production …

3:53 PM Aug 30th Rehearsals with Kristen, Billy Burke and Rob yesterday. Third week of shooting just hours away. Preparation, preparation preparation.

… before issuing another photo of Lautner on-set and then proceeding with a long stream of filming updates and stories.

12:55 AM Sep 11th Today shooting with Kristen and Taylor, planes disrupt sound, we are plane magnets. Had an allergy attack at Jacob’s house location, goats.
8:05 PM Sep 12th 6am mountain. A black bear strayed close to us. We shoot solid through, sunburnt and tired we return at sunset.
9:37 PM Sep 12th Yes we were shooting Bella and Jacob’s kiss on the mountain, its really a grueling emotional thing to have to shoot over and over.
9:40 PM Sep 12th We had paparazzi on the ridge about 1/2mile away, their pictures will look bizarre they would have had to use 1000mm+ lenses.
9:41 PM Sep 12th Really really long paparazzi lenses make everything look terrible, one snuck close to set and was kicked off, another was arrested last week
9:43 PM Sep 12th I don’t mind these pap pics, its just annoying when it stops us from shooting, or the images are completely unrepresentative of our shots.
1:27 AM Sep 15th Forrest again today, tomorrow we do wolf shots, saw some great wolf tests today, early stages developed from New Moon wolves.
1:30 AM Sep 15th Worked w/entire Cullen family today. @peterfacinelli borrowed my camera, took my picture being strangled by Jackson, will upload later...
1:38 PM Sep 17th Yesterday Taylor had to carry Kristen for several hours, he held it together – hope he can lift his arms today. Rain dumped on us all day.
1:08 PM Sep 20th Night shoots, Wolfs Wolfs wolfs, the rain dumped on us but we had to keep shooting until 5am. Then of course the rain drifted away.
1:20 PM Sep 20th Wolves wolves wolves, my corrected english. The schedule has been a bit furry of recent. Shooting vampires very soon.
10:34 PM Sep 21st Today, vampires talking, vampires kissing, rain stayed away. We had to battle the sunlight to keep our vampires from sparkling too much.
10:34 PM Sep 21st When the vampires sparkle we need to use a special camera filter to expose it on film. Otherwise the film over exposes.
2:02 AM Sep 27th 2 days ago spent an entire day shooting in a tent. Today shooting with 2nd unit. Big Thanks to all birthday well wishers its been a good day
10:39 PM Oct 3rd Grueling week or so, rain hail, long days shot through until past midnight last night then joined 2nd Unit today.

Soon enough, a sense of finality was felt in the tweet diary with this one issued about Eclipse star Billy Burke.

12:12 PM Oct 6th Wrapped Billie Burke yesterday, his description to be clear was an absolute compliment. Forget makeup thing it was a joke for @billy_burke.

With Billy Burke done, there was still a good bit of work for some of the other cast. Mother Nature, however, didn’t seem to back down and allow that to happen with any ease

8:36 PM Oct 8th THe rain is coming from a giant rain machine, but still, none the less brutal to work in.

Of course, that didn’t stop the show from going on, and it was really interesting to note when one of Eclipse’s newcomers, Jack Huston, came into play.

9:50 AM Oct 10th Just wrapped our last night shoot. Shot with Nikki Reed and Jack Huston all night. Now buzzing and unable to sleep.

That’s all before David Slade finally got a nice day off.

2:19 AM Oct 11th This afternoon nature walk, first day off in as long as I can remember.

The next day, though, Slade was back to work – again with Xavier Samuel.

2:45 AM Oct 12th Full night shoot week ends, so I am still getting my mind clear for daylight. We shot a lot with Xavier Samuels who is a joy to direct.

Though Slade tweeted about his first shot at the Cullen residence a week later …

11:58 PM Oct 19th Shooting first day in the Cullen house, its the first day we managed to shoot more than our schedule.

… it wasn’t long before the end began to draw near.

12:54 AM Oct 20th Just one week and a few days to go to complete principle photography, the finish line seems still so far.
1:53 AM Oct 22nd Last day on the battlefield, shot a huge day, tomorrow there may be a party, while battles ensue on mountain tops...

And so, filming for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse began to end, little by little, for several actors.

3:45 AM Oct 24th Wrapped five actors tonight, its getting a lot less crowded in Forks.
3:49 AM Oct 24th Best wishes now and into the future to all those who finished work tonight. Just a few more days shooting left. Finish line is approaching.

Though it was over for some, Slade was quick to note that the process was hard-pressed to near complete for him and his crew. He also promised not to abandon his Twitter followers in their times of interest.

3:49 AM Oct 24th ..and then there’s post production to start, 8 months of it….
3:56 AM Oct 24th Will keep tweeting through post… Its not over until the film is in cinemas.

Finally, though, filming was a wrap for all of principle photography, and David Slade made the formal announcement of such through what had become the medium of choice for Eclipse information.

8:49 AM Oct 29th Twilight Eclipse officially wrapped shooting, at 4.30 am October 29th. Physically and emotionally exhausted. DAVID S

Honoring the film’s shooting close, Slade gave fans a sneak peek at Xavier Samuel as Riley.

3:51 AM Oct 30th In celebration of wrap first Eclipse cast photo Xavier Samuels between set ups as Riley Biers.

Slade also let fans know where they’d be able to find an diary of his experience in filming Eclipse.

1:19 AM Nov 4th When I start updating shoot diaries with Eclipse it will start here

Making good on his promise, though, Slade continued to issue tweets related to Eclipse post-production.

1:01 AM Nov 14th 1st week of Eclipse director’s cut (we get 10) goes really well, spent a lot of time getting visual effects going, still a good solid week..

Once The Twilight Saga: New Moon (helmed by Chris Weitz) hit theaters and busted up all monetary expectations, Slade issued his appreciation for the powerful franchise.

3:09 PM Nov 24th The wild success of New Moon this weekend is both humbling & exciting as we continue Post on Eclipse. Thanks to you lot for the support.

Ever since, Slade’s been busy at work, and he’s keeping us all posted.

5:07 AM Nov 28th The Eclipse post crew have been on Thanksgiving break, all back in Monday, some of us earlier, until then we drink coffee, plan & prepare.
4:09 PM Nov 29th Working Sunday, battle sequences coming together, first half of film feeling very emotional, still early days.

Chances are, there’s still a long way to go for David Slade. The journey, thus far, has clearly been epic. The tweet saga has been appreciated, and as time progress toward The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’s release, it’ll certainly get more and more interesting.



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