Should Taylor Pose For Armani?

According to a recent source, there was some discussion being had behind the scenes about the idea of The Twilight Saga: New Moon, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, and Valentine’s Day star Taylor Lautner becoming the next face of Giorgio Armani’s advertising campaign (a place held currently by David Beckham).

Whether or not the talk is on-going or moving forward, is this something you’d like to see happen?

After all, Lautner has certainly been honing in on how to prepare his outward appearances for just such a thing . . . This, in turn, has landed him on the cover of Rolling Stone, as a romantic male counterpart to Taylor Swift in Valentine’s Day, and, of course, as the continued Jacob Black in New Moon and Eclipse (his acting capacity, of course, being a factor in the latter two as well). So, a major fashion advertisement spokesmodel job – particularly for Armani – isn’t too off the mark, is it?


Thanks to TwiExaminer . To check out the original article go to InTouchWeekly .


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