Fanfiction Recommendation Friday!

CRIMINY, blame me, my mother, & those addicting wedding shows for this thing being so late this week. LOL . But you’re all night owls like myself & Di, right? I’m sure you are . . you all probably lurk on the Robbie blogs, Twilighted, or on FFn trying to find a nice Pervward story to read. You don’t have to deny it, I already know. I’m guilty too, just join the club. Acceptance is key! 😉

Now that some random rambling has been done ( plays new John Mayer CD & gets this thing crackin’ ). It’s that time again lovies, time for ( superhero voice ) Fanfiction Recommendation Friday! This weeks recommendation takes me back to feeling like I’m reading The Red Line  ( that’s the first story I ever recc’d, check it out if you’re not reading it. Here’s the link to help you get started) all over again. I LOVE THAT FEELING! It’s so wonderful to find a story like this, it’s already completed too.

The Edward, err- Sweaterward in this story is so sweet & his story is one that you can’t assume, as you read you find out more about him & Bella. This in turn, makes you want them to be together, but things aren’t always easy to come by, it takes a while to get them were you want them to be, but it’s worth the angst.

Title:  Boy in the Red Sweater

Author: Starrynytex

Featuring: Edward & Bella

Story Type: Rated: M – English – Romance/Angst

Status: Complete

Summary: Laced in silence and bound by his black web of a backpack, the new boy dressed in the faded red pullover is driving Bella insane with curiosity. Don’t judge a boy by his sweater. AH. M for future chaps, language, dark themes.

(EDIT: they have awkward teenage cute sexy times )

*lemons – sexy times

* AH– All Human

Reason I read & recommend it: I sort of explained that all above so refer back to the top. Overall, even though I’m receiving notices about updates for other stories, I highly doubt I’ll read those updates until I finish this since it’s completed. This story is that good, I plan on reading  Starrynytex ‘s other Nerdward stories once I finish with this one; I have NO DOUBT that they’ll be just as excellent.

Reading this story already? Read it already? Let me know your thoughts on it. Why do you love our dear Sweaterward in this? Love Alice’s crazy ways? Or love the fact that Jasper is um . .  crazy? Let us know in a comment.



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2 responses to “Fanfiction Recommendation Friday!

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  2. rockydee

    sweater huh? I’m intrigued. I like any kind of Edward LoL. =)

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