Twilight in the College Classroom?

The University of Oklahoma is offer a class on Twilight, read below for more info ….

“Twilight,” the vampire phenomenon that has been sweeping the nation, is now a topic for a December intersession course called “Twilight and Youth Culture.”

English instructor Ieva Zumbake-Larchey, who is teaching this intersession course, said the class will be examining this phenomenon to teach them about the preoccupations and aspirations of a certain segment of the generation.

“Obviously ‘Twilight’ is too big to ignore,” Larchey said. “‘Twilight’ seems to be taking the obsession of the fans to a new level.”

Larchey said she plans to structure this class to have secondary readings written by critics of popular culture and youth culture.

“We will examine “Twilight” as a product and a producer,” she said.

Larchey said the class will read these outside sources and examine “Twilight” in the context and dialogue with other cultural phenomena to see how it compares and what it can teach people.

“Hopefully they will go away realizing that ‘Twilight’ isn’t just a romantic story, but it’s a powerful influence that can affect the way people see themselves,” she said.

Larchey said she hopes the students will realize the kinds of things they see in the media impact all of our perceptions of ourselves.

“For example, part of the class will talk about the way gender is portrayed in ‘Twilight.’ Bella’s perception of herself and the happiness of her life is really dependent on her romantic relationship and her love for Edward,” she said. “If you internalize this, you may start thinking a romantic relationship is the No. 1 priority that determines the quality of your life.”

Larchey said “Twilight” is only one media form students will see that affects or helps their construction of their identities.

The class is full, with 30 students signed on for the class.

Gentry Johnson, University college freshman, said she likes “Twilight” because it is a new concept.

“‘The Twilight Saga’ gives an alternative to the traditional love story,” Johnson said. “It’s interesting and very appealing to teenage girls.”

Johnson said she has midnight tickets for “New Moon,” which opened this morning, along with her entire sorority.

Boomer Butler, health and exercise sciences sophomore, said he thinks “Twilight” is just another fad.

“I’m not going to the midnight premiere of ‘Twilight,’ but 60 percent of my female friends have tickets,” Butler said.

This course is three credit hours and is being offered from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. every day from Dec. 21 to Jan. 14



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