New Boo Boo Stewart Photoshoot

Now, I’m not sure when this development happened but since when do HIGH SCHOOL boys look like this?! First Taylor Lautner took the cake, now Boo Boo Stewart is icing it, all at 15 years old. This photoshoot had me feeling like a pedo . .  😦

Eclipse star Boo Boo Stewart is hot on the heels of Twilight heartthrob Taylor Lautner, while posing with his six pack abs at photo shoot in a private location in LA on Nov. 24. PR Photos. HOT or NOT?

To see the rest of the photoshoot, in which I refuse to post, before that Hansen dude comes to arrest me, go here .



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2 responses to “New Boo Boo Stewart Photoshoot

  1. Boo Boo iS GORGEOUS and Beautiful.
    God bless him,ll i love him.

  2. alice-bree

    more like god bless US! we are the ones that god alowed to looks at his hot bod! omg

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