Jackson Rathone Online’s – Birthday Project

Like last year, I’ve decided to carry on the tradition of creating a video for Jackson with fans wishing him a happy birthday. This year, not only will I include videos of fans wishing him a happy birthday, but also graphics/fanart/pictures can be submitted to be included in the video as well since I know there are people who don’t have access to create a video! So with that being said here are the guidelines to submitting your video, graphic, picture, etc.

For video submitters
– Please only have it be around 5 – 20 seconds long. Please do not make it any longer than that.
– No long messages. Try to keep it short and simple and within the given time frame.
– I will not accept .FLVs files. Anything else is game! That includes .AVIs and .MP4s.

For fanart/graphic/picture submitters
– If writing text on your graphic/picture, try to make it as big as possible so others can see.
– If you don’t have paint shop pro, photoshop or even a camera, you can create a simple message on Flash Paint! Just make sure to screencap your finished result and send it to the below email address.

Please use the form below to submit your video/graphic/photo. You can upload your image to a free hosting image site such as tinypic.com, photobucket.com and imageshack.us. Remember to include the direct link URL in your message.


Donations to the Los Angeles Music and Art School and to the Spencer Bell Memorial Fund are still apart of this year’s Birthday Project (and any upcoming ones too), so if you have a dollar to spare or even a few cents, please click the buttons below to donate.

If you are more comfortable sending a direct email, please send your submission to jackson.rathbone.com@gmail.com! Make sure to attach your video/graphic/photo to the email before sending it in!

If you want to participate go to JacksonRathboneOnline .


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