Julia Jones Talks Rob Pattinson and More

The holiday season is upon us, and we bet you’re hoping Santa brings you Rob Pattinson forChristmas, right? RadarOnline.com spent the day at The Grove in Los Angeles with Julia Jones, the lovely actress who just finished filming the third installment in the Twilight Saga: Eclipse, where she picked up presents for a few cast members and talked about her role in the record-breaking series.

Julia picked out sunglasses for heart-throb RPattz, who is “really cool to work with,” and for her co-star Kiowa Gordon because “he showed up in Vancouver with the same shades as me,” Julia said.

As the only female member of the wolf pack, Julia told us she doesn’t get any special treatment, “but I do get to wear a shirt,” she revealed.

Julia is currently starring in the Los Angeles play Palestine, New Mexico, and told RadarOnline.com’sAlexis Tereszcuk about the intense relationships formed while filming Eclipse. “We are all really close, it was really familial,” Julia said about her group of boys, and wanted to set the record straight about her annoyance with the boys on set. “I think they boys thought I was angry at them for throwing things at me, but I love them!”

Watch Julia Jones shop for the holidays, talk about who is the biggest prankster on set, and find out what it’s like to work with abs-olutely perfect Taylor Lautner!

Check back on RadarOnline.com for part two of the interview with Julia Jones where she reveals how she got bruised during filming Eclipse and what her favorite scene was in the movie that won’t be released until June, 2010. Feels like it’s just a few days away!



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