Fanfiction Recommendation Friday!

So, I’m sick. . .  like sicker than frick fracking sick. It’s annoying, my last day of finals I wake up to find that I am indeed sick. What a way to start my winter break. Grr  . . ( sniffles ) Anywho . . . let me do this while I am still coherent. Don’t know where Di is this fine evening, but I know where I am . .  located in my bed, listening to Z100 (local NY radio station) & trying to avoid the NyQuil for right now.

Onto Fanfiction Recommendation Friday!

This week’s fic should keep you all entertained, because as I’ve heard for a lot of the country that we’ll be getting a decent amount of snow for this weekend. So I’m aiding in remedying your boredom in advance. Hopefully that all just made sense.  The fic that’s highlighted this week is one I discovered over the summer I believe and is a bit a guilty pleasure for me; it’s a historical peice involving our favorites Edward & Bella — er Isa ,in this one. You’ll get what I mean, should you decide to embark on this read.

Title: Twice as Long as Yesterday

Author: hopeful wager

Featuring: Bella & Edward

Story Type: Rated: M – English – Romance/Angst

Status: In Progress

Summary: 1866 Ireland. Isa Swan has agreed to Lord Cullen’s proposal: in exchange for allowing her father and her to remain on his estate, she will submit herself to him each night for twice as long as the night before. But how long can she endure him? AH. B&E.

* AH – All Human

* lemons – interesting sexy times with petticoats.

Reason why I read & recommend this: OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS, there are no words. I really wish I could pull together something wonderful to say about this, but I can’t. There are no words as to how wonderful this story is. Let me think of some good words: stupendous, fantastic, fantabulous, AMAZING, etc. I think you all get the picture.

The title alone is what originally prompted me to read this, I actually remember trying to guess the plot of the story, by the title but I couldn’t. Once I began reading I found myself pulled in by the happenings with Isa, Edward, Victoria, & Mikey. I also found that with this story I can put my accents to use, I do a mean Irish & English accent so I find myself reading the words aloud with different accents. Sue me, I really get into this.

The plot isn’t predictable because during the 21st century we don’t think of things like this happening, but it did. It’s nice to read a time peice & I’m proud to say that this is the first & only onet that I am reading. It’s so worth it, I liked keeping it to myself, but it’s getting too good to not share with all my lovely twihearts.

So go on, read & enjoy. Please come back & let me know if this story is becoming one of your favorites. Have you read it already? Reading it before I rec’d it? Let me know your thoughts. It helps. 🙂

– Dé


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